49ers & Raiders Free Agency Update

The San Francisco 49ers has been a heavy participant in this year Free Agency class, signing a group of talented players such as Randy Moss (WR), Rock Cartwright (RB/FB), and Parish Cox (CB) to their immensely talented team. Thus far, they have been successful with taking the necessary steps; acquiring players needed to fill voids, create internal competition and improve upon their existing standards.

However, not only have the 49ers been successful with acquiring players, they have also managed to re-sign players at key positions such as Carols Rogers, who was a valuable member of their secondary. In addition, sources close to the team report that Alex Smith and the 49ers are putting the final changes on a contract extension, guarantying that he will be behind center for 2012 and beyond. There has also been much speculation that Mario Manningham will be making his way toSan Franciscosoon. Could you imagine the 49ers fielding Moss, Manningham, Crabtree and Vernon Davis?Talk about pick your poison. That is like choosing between an assault rifle, shot gun, Cyanide pill or 18-year back pay for five dependent child support. You lose either way.

It could get ugly very quick for a defensive backfield trying to contain so many different weapons. Not to mention that the 2012 NFL draft hasn’t even started yet. In all honesty, it appears as if the 49ers have done well for themselves as they prepare to take the next step.

Now, let us travel across the bay and examine the Raiders progress. They have released players Standford Routt (CB), Rock Cartwright RB/FB), Kevin Boss (TE), Chris Johnson (CB), Hiram Eugene (FS), John Henderson (DL), and Cooper Carlisle (OL). Many of whom were starters or at least started at some point for the team in 2011. They have acquired…..they have acquired……they have acquired…..well, I’ll just stop right there. Let’s just say it’s “to be determined,” or “pending,” or “they aint did a damn thing to date!” I think the latter would be most accurate.

Now I know that they had to do some contract restructuring and release certain players to become compliant with the salary cap by Tuesday’s deadline. However, the Raiders are currently 10 million under the cap and the only tangible information that I have seen; is that they are bringing in a Right Guard Mike Brisiel to look at as a replacement for Cooper Carlisle. Not a bad move, but what else you got? The Raiders had many needs (mostly defensive) before they released players referenced above.

The Raiders have created more holes, along with cap space, so why haven’t they scheduled more players to visit?  Many of the top tier free agents have already been signed and the list is growing thinner everyday. Even if new GM Reggie Mckenzie is bargain shopping and plan on making a impact in the draft, the Raiders currently will not be able to make the first selection until the third round. Can someone run over to1220 Harbor Bay Parkway,Alameda,CA and tell Mr. Mckenzie to take his paw off the snooze button? Time is wasting buddy and the Raiders are on the clock!

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    I have one word to say to Mr.Mims…….SCRILLBILLIES……..

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