A One Man Show “Authentic Rocksta”

I always enjoy speaking with Chuck Travy aka “Authentic the #Rocksta”. He’s one of those people who’s smile lights up the room and his personality is even brighter. His energy is magnetic, people are drawn to him for the true ROCKSTA he is and always will be. Even after drastic changes within the former group CALICOVE, Travy didnt become weary or distracted. He maintain focus in pursuit of his dream which is evolving right before his eyes.

If you chose to dismissed Travy’s true image of tattos, dreads, urban & authentic wear, ironically you will STILL find a young man who as a young boy dared to dream BIG!! Success and stardom runs vividly through his veins and he’ll stop at nothing to walk in his destiny.

Coming soon to BRICKHOUSE TALK behind the scene in the studio with Authentic the #Rocksta!!!!! 




Chuck Travy aka Authentic the #Rocksta was born on a cold, cloudy, dark, mysterious night when the moon was full with lighting red rays. Spawned from a rugged tattooed Harley Davidson death rocker of a father and a gentle sweet innocent saint for a mother, Travy was brought up in the depths of Hayward California where the Caucasian race was a minority. “Caught Up” between musical crossfires in the urban

running amuck in the streets and the heavy headbanging metal back home… Travy organically grew into a Hip Hop Rockstar . Travy organically wrapped his brain around a rap and covered his skin head to toe in tattoos… then grew dreadlocks. Having no plan B, the new refined Authentic is ready to show and promote his lifestyle of music which he founded and calls Rockstafari. It’s the life of a #rocksta. – L.O.A.R. -





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