A One Man Show “Authentic Rocksta”

I always enjoy speaking with Chuck Travy aka "Authentic the #Rocksta". He's one of those people who's smile lights up the room and his personality is even brighter. His energy is magnetic, people are drawn to him for the true ROCKSTA he is and always will be. Even after drastic changes within the former group CALICOVE, Travy didnt become weary or distracted. He maintain focus in pursuit of his dream which is evolving right before his eyes.If … [Read more...]

Raider Fan Review

Raiders versus BroncosWeek 14: I was on vacation last week so I didn’t see the previous game and it seems like I didn’t miss much. I did see this week’s game and it wasn’t impressive. Another lost bringing the total to 6 straight losses.   This is so not the BUSINESS.  Peyton Manning and the Broncos came in our house on Thursday night and gave us another nationally televised embarrassing loss ( 26-13). The only thing uplifting … [Read more...]


  How to Get Through What You're Going ThroughNot again!!!!! Why is this happening? What am I going to do? I don't want to be "the strong one" anymore. I don't want to have to make such hard decisions.  What was I not paying attention to? What is the lesson I am to learn this time? How much more can I stand? I'm sooo sick & tired. If it ain't 1 thing its a million.OK wait........ I'm better than this. I … [Read more...]


 http://youtu.be/UQIy03A20VE   … [Read more...]


  What better way to kick start your weekend than with gut wrenching laughter provided by some of the hottest comedians in the Bay Area!!!!Promoters Indian Tone and Johnny Woods of SUPABAD ENTERTAINMENT presents LMAO Thursdays at SUITE 14 410 14th Street downtown Oakland California.Brickhouse Talk Comedian Of The Year KIRK MCHENRY, a veteran of the comedy game is the dynamic host who's known to effortlessly bring you … [Read more...]

Eternal Brotherhood “Bonded For Life” Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternityfra·ter·ni·ty  [ fr? túrn?tee ]  society for college men: a social society for men who are students at a college or university, with a name consisting of individually pronounced Greek letters. brotherly love: feelings of friendship and mutual support between people Brickhouse Talk sincerely thanks  Mr.Taurus Freeman for an informative review of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. Mr. Freeman speaks about the … [Read more...]

The Definition Of “AMBITION” Bay Area Rap Artist IVORY JAMES

While  "Waiting On His Moment" rap artist Ivory James continues to work hard at  perfecting his lyrical skillz. His impeccable determination is earning him major credibility amongst his peers and fans of rap music today. Ivory James was quoted stating "I don't have swag...I have ambition" and although I beg to differ I understand the meaning behind his thought. SWAG is merely a representation of ones appearance and sometimes … [Read more...]

Raiders versus The BengalsWeek 12: Another week; another Raiders beat down.  This is starting to sound like a broken record. I don’t know what happen to my boys this season.  Eighty three total first half yards and no points, while giving up 280+ first half yards and 24 points.  Not good, not good at all! Enroute to a 34 – 10, but kicking, by the Cincinnati Bengals. They played better in the second half, but it was too little too late. …

November 17th- Rain, shine, sleet or snow will NOT hinder our dedication toward this great cause. Its amazing how the weather significantly presented itself on our first two drop off dates. The first drop off date the weather was cold and breezy, and the second it was cold and rainy. One can only imagine what the weather will be on December 1st! But its all just a mere confirmation that the Share The Warmth Winter Coat Drive is warranted. Your …


RAIDERS VERSUS THE RAVENSThe Raiders were beat down real good Sunday.  They were dominated from beginning to the end, giving up 55 points a franchise record for the Baltimore Ravens.  This game was brutal to watch, the Raiders couldn’t stop them for scoring! They scored continuously on offense and twice on special teams.  The Ravens even went for a slap in the face; fake field goal, and they were already winning by more than 20 points at … [Read more...]