Brian Mims Speaks With R&B Singer ENVYY & Rap Artist/Song Writer ITC

Brickhouse Talk Executive Writer Brian Mims, R&B Singer Envyy & Rap Artist/Song Writer ITC


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The hottest artists in the Bay Area and beyond and we are excited to feature this awesome duo. The beautiful Ms. Nicole Van Hook AKA “ENVYY &  Rap Artist/Song Writer Terry Odds AKA “ITC!!

Brickhouse Talk Executive Writer Brian Mims sits down with the two to get information on how their career started and what it takes to stay relevant in the music game.
The first observation of two was MUTUAL RESPECT!! And this certainly transpired through their collaborations of music together.

ENVYY- has VOCALS. This young lady really can SANG yall!! She has a very  pleasant and humble spirit and has sung background for other artists for far too long! Realizing that she has paid her dues Envyy is ready to position her self to the front of the stage. Her voice cant be duplicated, and she has a sound like none other. And when she sung for us in the studio it was a confirmation that she wasn’t a studio singer….she’s the real deal!!!

ITC- A very charming multi-talented gifted artist. ITC has the ability to but words together that seems to follow so naturally from his lips. His lyrics are engaging… keeping you zoned in waiting to hear the next compilation of words that rhymes but at the same time elevating your mind to a place where you might have been or long to go. I’ve heard a lot of rhymes in my time but when I hear rhymes with metaphors that make you think ….that’s a true artist!!  ITC the song writer, artist and producer is making moves in the music industry and beyond and with the talents he posses there’s no limit!

Check out Brickhouse Talk exclusive interview with ENVYY & ITC!!!!



R&B Singer ENVYY

Rap Artist/Song Writer ITC













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