Brickhouse Of The Month Fashion Designer Skylier Blanchard “Skylier Wear”

Fashion Designer Skylier Blanchard


Brickhouse Talk to is honored to feature a true designer  SKYLIER BLANCHARD. 

She’s blessed with the incredible gift to not only create fashion that catches the eye but pleases it  and entertains it at the same time. With her delightful selections of multiple array breath taking colors conformed into contour designs this fashionista has earned her respect in the fashion industry by way of the United States and abroad. Skylier Wear isnt your typical day or evening wear apparel. These designs are to be worn by a lady who’s objective is to walk into a room and demand attention.  “All Eyes On She”  Some would call it a conversation piece. Her designs are refreshing, contemporary and edgy. So are the lovely models who are fortunate to showcase the apparel during photo shoots and fashion shows.

Although she’s established herself as a well known designer, Skylier still works just as hard as the amateurs designers in the business knowing that her last collection was yesterday and today bring about another opportunity to be more creative than the day before!

Brickhouse Talk recognizes Skylier Blanchard as our June Brickhouse Of The Month. She’s a beautiful person with a warm smile and great personality that allows her to think outside the box to be expressive & creative as she unselfishly shares her gift with the world. A true Brickhouse.

Look out for Brickhouse Talk up close and personal interview with Skylier coming soon. Until then see her resume and wonderful designs below.


Skylier A. Blanchard…….

is the founder and chief  designer for Skylier Wear Collection, an Oakland-based fashion label.  She has a passion for promoting the economic growth of Oakland for 20 years and has worked with many city officials and business developers to generate innovative ideas for the community.

From her experience at the Lilli Ann Corporation, Skylier decided to become a fashion designer and produced her first women’s collection and fashion show in 1992.  She refined her business and merchandising skills while working for companies such as Blanc Noir, Macy’s at Union Square, Sears and other major retailers and cultivated her design skills in Europe.

For the last several years Skylier has enjoys the process of creating new and relevant products through designing, developing, testing, producing and marketing.

95 percent of the designs are developed in house before production.

Skylier believes that passion, patience and education are the keys to building a successful business.  On her off-hours, she is committed to her fashion and modeling program and to various “green” causes and community projects.


Education: Fashion & Art Institute

Major:        Commercial Art

City:           Dallas, Texas


Education: Alameda College

Major:        Apparel Design & Merchandising

City:           Alameda, CA


Board Member: Mandela Market Place

West Oakland Steering Committee


Part Time Employment:

Attitudinal Healing Connection – Teach Fashion Design












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    great work, I just love the array of colors.

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