Brickhouse Talk 1st Year Anniversary Award Ceremony

Its written that billionaire Bill Gates too had a vision. He  so desperately believe in his idea that he dropped out of Harvard to form Microsoft with friend Paul Allen. They started by writing a BASIC language compiler for Altair computers out of Bill’s GARAGE in Arizona. When Bill Gates was a mere 17 years old, he’d already made his own computer program,a time tabling system, and sold it for $4,200. This led him to crave work in the computer field, and later paired with Paul Allen to establish Microsoft in 1975. How crazy is that!?

How crazy is it for Brickhouse Talk to have a vision and passion for people. People in which we believe are here on earth to serve a purpose. People who do good deeds unselfishly and are never acknowledge. And then there are those who are blessed with a talents that seldom go unheard or unseen.

This is the platform in which BRICKHOUSE TALK was designed to showcase those  extraordinary individuals who are deserving of the recognition. And much like Bill Gates & Paul Allen we have a great idea that’s starting small and soon will be GREAT. Our BTP Supporter Of The Year Mr. Jack Ray couldn’t have said it better…”Next year it will be bigger & better”!

But always remembering where we started from makes the journey more appreciative and meaningful….and we “The Brickhouse Talk Family” will never forget our humble beginnings. Please note the close interaction and love that you see amongst the Brickhouse Talk family is genuine…love, honesty and respect dwells in our house.

Thanks to everyone, family and friends who support our vision. “Thank you” to all very important individuals who received an award on that lovely evening. Keep perfecting your crafts as Brickhouse Talk supports you 100%.

Check out the magazine “What Millionaires Spend Their Money On” founder Darnell Thomas. Look out for “KASH” …another young lady in the BAY making waves. Her Brickhouse Talk interview is coming soon!! Thank you Jack & Maisha Ray.

See you next year!!!

Brickhouse Talk 2012 Jr. Brickhouse Of The Year “Gabi Crump”

Brickhouse Talk 2012 Comedian Of The Year “Kirk McHenry”


Brickhouse Talk 2012 Living Legend Of The Year “Coach Hodari McGavock”

Brickhouse Talk 2012 Entreprenuer Of The Year “Darnell Thomas”


Brickhouse Talk 2012 Web Designer Of The Year “Clifton Mbanugo”

Brickhouse Talk 2012 R&B Artist Of The Year “Envyy”


Brickhouse Talk 2012 Ray Artist Of The Year “Danny From Sobrante”

Brickhouse Talk 2012 Pro-Athlete Of The Year “MMA Fighter Ricky Jackson”


Brickhouse Talk 2012 High School Athlete Of The Year “Raysean Martin”


Brickhouse Talk 2012 Actor Of The Year “Robert Ajlouny”


Brickhouse Talk 2012 Best Supporter Of The Year “Jack Ray”

Brickhouse Talk 2012 R&B And Hip Hop Of The Year “Soul Mystic & Mondisa”

Brickhouse Talk 2012 Up & Coming Artist “Royal”


Special Thanks To The Host Of The Evening Comedian Big Tree

Brickhouse Talk 2012 Designer Of The Year “Mastahn Fanaka”


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