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Rap Artist Vic Da Baron


Brickhouse Talk is excited to feature the new artist of the month,Vic Da Baron!

Dealing with loss as a youth introduced Vic Da Baron to the harsh realities of inner city life in Oakland and Hayward, Ca. where he grew up. Profoundly affected by the brutal murder of his mother Katrina in 1994, a soul and gospel singer herself as well as Vic’s most enthusiastic supporter, Vic Da Baron works extremely hard to reach the mark of excellence through his artistry as a tribute to her memory.

In November 2006, Vic released his first solo mix tape 12-02-81: The Beginning. And in fact it was exactly that, Vic would go on to produce several mix and compilation albums such as Jackn’ Beats, Hustle-holics, All Gas No Breaks, The Streets Need Me, Starting 5, Rhythm & Street along with his latest mixtape Gangsta and a Gentleman. In late 2007 he debuted his freshman LP, History In The Making, which drew a strong buzz in the San Francisco Bay Area and backpack community alike receiving radio and club spins as far away as London, Holland, Germany, New Jersey and Atlanta. History in the Making presented by he and childhood friend Jason Tatum’s Recording Label, Grindstone Entertainment features E-40, Turf Talk, Numskull of the Luniz, Prince Bugsy and top-notch production from 6fingers, Jallah Keys, Chris Paxon, Frank Stacks, A. Rishwain, Kevin Bedford, and Insane.

During a brief pause in his career in late 2007 due to the birth of his son King Vic would undergo a transformation from a street level hustler to acquiring his Real Estate License, completing the Musical Engineering and Production Program at the Global Institute of Music in San Francisco and devoting himself to his new son. Aside from the demands and responsibility associated with his new lifestyle Vic Da Baron still found time to spend in “the lab” aka his home studio perfecting his craft. This is a fact evident through the sounds of his latest LP The Future available in stores and iTunes now. Not many things that are named are so fitting as the connection between the name of his album and the reality of his space in the hip-hop/rap genre of music. The Future was a coming out of sorts for Vic Da Baron as he really gave listeners an in-depth look at who he is, not only as an artist but also as a person. Songs like Rain Drops and Don’t Break My Heart, which were respectively dedicated to his late mother Katrina and new son King illustrate his struggles and victories in a very in-depth way. His authentic soulful approach to music coupled with a cool and savvy delivery paint pictures that allow his listeners, not only an articulation, but an escape from the harsh and unforgiving circumstances of urban day-to-day life.

Throughout Vic Da Baron’s career he has either recorded or performed with some of the most well established and up and coming artist in the industry including: Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ying Yang Twins, E-40, J. Cole, Mistah Fab, Tha Jacka, Too Short, Sean T, San Quinn, Furious, Suga Free, Spice 1, Richie Rich, Dem Hood Stars, J Meyers, Erk Tha Jerk, London, JMoe, JayHu, Bobby Tenna, Agerman, Netta Brielle, Prince Bugsy, Big Rich, Suga Free, Dru Down and more. His Killer combination of lyrical intensity and raw delivery is reminiscent of some of his strongest influences, 2Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, Redman, Rakim and De La Soul. Vic is also largely inspired by the talent of his late mother and the sounds he grew up on: Reggae, Gospel, 70’s Soul, 80’s Synth-funk, and the grunge of the 90’s.

Vic Da Baron has been really busy shooting videos for his songs Waiting and  Rain Drops from his LP entiteled The Future. Devils Knocking and Freestyle from his latest mix-tape Gangsta and a Gentleman. Don’t Stare from his most recent project releasing in fall of 2012 entitled Hot Box as well as What About Me ft. Matt Blaque from his LP entitled Mr. International scheduled for release in spring of 2013.  All of his work can be found online via (Reverbnation, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Myspace and various blogs and websites) Vic Da Baron has also been very busy performing at various venues from Sacramento down to Los Angles and was an instrumental piece of a High School Tour (Rhythm @ Recess) which was sponsored by 106KMEL that will soon be expanding to Colleges which included artists such as Erk Tha Jerk , London, Mistah Fab, Netta Brielle, Sam and DJ Jack. In late 2011 Vic Da Baron won the “Home Turf” competition on 106 KMEL (SF Bay Area) and the “Unsigned at 9” competition on 98.3 KWIN. He’s been interviewed on 94.1 KPFA, 89.5 KPOO, KZSC Santa Cruz Radio, 89.9 KCRH, Celebrity Online Radio and various magazine publishing’s online and in print.

A true showman with the swagger of Frank Sinatra on and offstage, Vic Da Baron engages his audience like a seasoned pro. Vic Da Baron has garnered respect from Hip-Hop artist and fans alike and is continuing to create a larger buzz in the industry. History In The Making maintains the heat, voracity, integrity and pure skill he has demonstrated since, The Beginning:12-2-81 while The Future previews where Hip-Hop is going the Hot Box is simply going to reawaken the minds and ears of disappointed true hip hop fans while Mr. International will exceed all hopes and boundaries!

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