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Author Of CHOCOLATE NOTES Triche Christmon


It was indeed a pleasure to have Author Triche Christmon in our studio. She’s a memorable guest with an infectious smile and personality that’s unforgettable. This talented artist has the natural ability to mesmerize and subdue and reader who dares to explore her uncanny ways of L-O-V-E in her latest novel CHOCOLATE NOTES.

She’s an advocate for love, who strongly believe that LOVE can excitedly exist throughout many years in a relationship by exploring, sharing, talking and simply remembering the many reasons you fell in love in the beginning. Anything worth having is worth working for and  always remember what you get out of a relationship is EXACTLY what you put in to it!!!

Triche Christmon not only promotes healthy love in relationships, she also believes in simply loving and supporting one another. Unfortunately genuine humanity love has been tainted and she advantageously re-instills its okay to love your fellowman without prejudice or jealously. GOD is love and if you can honestly say you love him, how can you not love your brother or sister when we are all created from his image.

Expect to hear more from the very lovely and talented Triche Christmon as she is certainly blessed with many gifts that are opening doors of success for her. Brickhouse Talk appreciates the love she shared with us and we look to have her back in our studio in the near future.



“Chocolate Notes”


You are so special

You are cognizant of my needs

You fill me up with you

You tantalize my senses

You energize me

You make being in love

So exciting and new

Everyday with you is brand new

I crave you

When you are not there

To hold me tight

So I hold on tight

when I’m by your side

Cause you are my everything

So special, so precious

I’m lucky to have found someone like you I thank my heavenly father

for allowing you

To come into my life

What a joy

To be with YOU


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