Brickhouse Talk Enjoyed An Evening Of Comedy In Martinez Ca

Imagine attending a comedy show and EVERY comedian who touched the stage exceeded your level of expectations, or shall I say gave you a NEW profound respect for the comedians who represent the BAY AREA!! These guys gave an EPIC performance in Martinez California that was very deserving of a platform such as the Paramount or even the Oakland Coliseum or greater.




This spectacular event was hosted by Brickhouse Comedian Of The YearKirk McHenry. Kirk resume includes opening for such stars as Paul Mooney, Bobby Slayton, Tommy Davidson and Don “D.C.” Curry. Kirk is awesome in every aspect of comedy. He’s a great host who knows how to warm the crowd and he’s a incredible headliner who definitely knows how to close the show leaving the audience wanting more. He’s apart of the Brickhouse Talk family. Check out his interview by searching for his name on the website.


As mentioned each comedian that touched the mic that evening set it on fire and left the audience bent over in stitches. Starting with the youngest in age but not in experience Lenard Jackson. Lenard Jackson is indeed going places. His stage presences and unique delivery is one of a kind. He owns the stage and its evident that he enjoys what he does because his enthusiasm is undeniable, he’s a star on and off the stage. Chris Riggins where do I start?? I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him previously and just like the song “The Second Time Around” is always better than the first!! So true… This comedian is so real. His jokes about life and relationship can be relateable to any ethnicity or gender. He speaks the truth with a humorous spin which makes it a little easier to accept. If you havent seen him…I highly encourage you to do so!!! Chris Storin from stocking vending machines at the UPS Richmond station to taking the stage at sold out venues doing what he does best Ryan McFadden is a natural. His ability to make people laugh at their own race without being offended is smoooooooth! But if you cant laugh at yourself then you should laugh at other….remember it’s just JOKES. This was my second occasion seeing Ryan and it was a pleasure. Frankie Quinones is walking in his faith. I really enjoyed his humor and his uncanny way of making the audience laugh in . Ricky Del Rosario name itself sounds like a star and his talent certainly matched. To watch him demonstrate what women do when they’re at the club and their favorite song comes on was absolutely gut wrenching funny. He kept the audience laughing joke after joke. He should be an impersonator because he keen on the demeanor and actions of all races..bringing humor to everyday life situations. I’m definitely a fan!! The legendary John Alston.This well season veteran to the stage and dismantled it with “My Momma Can Make Anything” jokes. From his Halloween costume to a yo-yo…she could do it but John didnt like it! John Alston is responsible for many of the successful comedians is the Bay Area today. He helped groom and advised many them on their careers. He is well respected in the Bay Area and beyond and if you havent seen him…you’re cheating yourself! I cant say enough about Dennis Gaxiola who’s wife had no idea that he was doing show that evening. Watching Dennis was like starring at Picasso painting all you I could do was smile in amazement.  The content of his material was not only to make you laugh but to also educate you in some sense.


I cant say enough about that evening. It was a stellar line up of comedians who all are owning their crafts by holding their own in a unique, memorable way on the stage!!!


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