Brickhouse Talk Introduces “Mr. Jeramiah Paige Jr.”

He’s a 5th grader with a BIG personality!!

Jeramiah Page, student President of Brookfield Village Elementary School in Oakland CA lights up any room. He’s well spoken and has a very polite demeanor for his age and upon meeting him I was very impressed by his contribution toward the Imagine That Foundation.

Jeramiah is one of those kids you can just sit and talk to and learn a few things. He amazed me with stories he cared to share during the interview. He’s a kid who’s going places because he isn’t selfish and at a young age he’s learned how to put others first and to give to those who are less fortunate.

Jeramiah’s idol is Tyler Perry. His favorite play is Madea’s Family Reunion. Tyler Perry may very well be the reason Jeremiah would like to be a comedian, but the love, respect and compassion instilled in him by his parents is why he wants to be a pastor.

Whatever career path he decides to take I have no doubt he will give it 100% He’s demonstrating great leadership and responsibility now…..I say “Jeramiah For President”!!!





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    This is a great young man and Brickhouse did a wonderful job uplifting a wonderful African American Male.

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