Brickhouse Talk On The One’s & Two’s With Muzikmann DJ Ouma


Muzikmann DJ Ouma

What’s up everybody? I know it’s been a minute since your boy checked in to hit you with the latest and greatest. However, I had to resuscitate myself out of hibernation, due to an overwhelming sense of urgency to cover my next assignment. Real talk! I’ve been waiting on this day to come like an overdue check in the mail! I was given the elite pleasure of covering Mr. Muzikmann himself; D.J. Ouma. For the two people in the general region who are not familiar with this man’s resume, he’s been entertaining crowds with eargasmic ecstasy for over 25 years. Armed with two turn tables, a few crates full of records and enough music files to paralyze iTunes, D.J. Ouma will have your party steady moving like a UHaul truck. Listen in as he goes in depth about how he got started, the art of being a Disc Jockey, and his overall perspective on his love for music. Come meet the man behind the mixer! D.J Ouma!






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