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Ramonda Cutrer acknowledges some viewers who  have left comments on the website and Facebook page showing their support. She discuss the latest news on SF Giants ace Tim Lincecum’s 2 year contract with the Giants. After missing 6 games Miami Heat Dwayne Wade returns to the court and he’s playing as if he hasn’t missed a game. Dwight Howard openly expressed his disappointment  with the team after the loss against New Orleans Hornets, his intentions were not to point fingers but to make it clear that they must do better as a team.  Its not unusual for the President to give his Superbowl predictions but President Obama refuses to call it.

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Ramonda Cutrer is the Ceo and Founder of Brickhouse Talk Productions. She is a dedicated sport fan, sportswoman, writer and entrepreneur with a vision to bring exciting and interesting perspectives on sports and entertainment with a classy approach.

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