Brickhouse Talk Shines The Spotlight On North Carolina’s Very Own Superstars “THE GGT BOYZ”


Brickhouse Talk is not only limited to the BAY AREA. Our platform is to feature any artist who’s out there working hard to established themselves in the music industry and we are very excited to show love to North Carolina’s very own R&B Sensations THE GGT BOYS. These young men are true testaments that hard work does pays off! Don’t be surprise if you see them in the Bay Area soon!!

JACORI DAMARIAE – Born in Lufkin, Texas October 16, 1991. At the early age of six he moved to a small country town, Brown Summit, North Carolina where he spent most of his childhood. His biological father died in a fatal car accident when he was 12 years old which devastated him. The Step Father that he knew & loved left the family & forced him to step up & be a man at a young age. Living in a single parent home with a strong mother, one brother & one sister taught Jacori what surviving really meant. The street life  became a distraction as he  began to go down a path in which he was faced with awakening  life changing consequences. A Judge sentenced him to six months in a juvenile correctional system. This unfortunate circumstances allowed Jacori time to re-evaluate his life choices along with an opportunity to have a second chance to take negative energy and transform it into positive energy focusing on his music career.  It taught him a very valuable lesson & he vowed to dedicate his love & hard work to his MUSIC!

Mello-D Born October 23, 1993 In Long Island, New York. As a young kid growing up in Long Island he was heavily influenced by Hip-Hop with his father being a DJ he began to fall in love with the true essence of music and began to write and compose his own songs. Mello-D even took the time to learn how to DJ at the age of 9. Growing up around confusion, drama, and music made him the man he is today. When his mom and dad divorced he and his family moved to Greensboro, North Carolina where he began to start his first studio recordings and also ran into the wrong crowd of people who quickly influenced him that fast money was the best money. Mello-D quickly learned from those mistakes which resulted to him becoming a positive role model for his young sisters, his little brother, and to his peers.

POINT IN CASE: As a young teen it is almost inevitable that mistakes will be made. What you do with the lesson learned is how your future is determined.

The two group members met in 2008 on a social website known as “MySpace” where they began to notice each others progress through their hit’s on MySpace. Combine they accumulated over 1 million plays and reached the top unsigned artist charts. From there they came together as brother’s to form one of the biggest group the world has yet to see. Both representing their second home state, North Carolina by
showing the world their God Given Talents through their musical gifts. They have the God Given ability to song write, engineer, and compose their own music which makes them an unstoppable force. The meaning behind their music is to always stay true to what you do but always keep God first on any journey that you may embark on. All of their music is profanity free and caters to all ages especially the ladies. When performing they always send a message to the youth on the importance of obeying your parents and staying in school. Their motto is that if you use your God Given Talents in a positive light you can be anything you wanna be.

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  1. avatar The Dillards says:

    I am sending love,support and God’s continued grace out to this two young men. I am so proud of my nephew JaCori..He has overcome so much. JaCori , all of your Texas famly love and support you fully. Boys keep doing positive things. Love Uncle Gary, Aunt Phoebe, NaVantney,Adreonna and Gemariah

  2. avatar jasmine says:

    GGT i love yall comein by to give yalll some love i know i been not doin much for yall but i am goin to because i love yall and i love yall song to yep keep it up # yall on top

    By:Jasmine aka jazzy

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