Brickhouse Talk Stylist Erika Palega Makes Another Quinceañera Unforgettable!!!

Happy Quinceañera Ms. Norma “Daniela” Ambriz

Not only is she the stylist for Brickhouse Talk CEO Ramonda Cutrer. Erika Palega also graciously renders her talented services to individuals who are in need of making a special occasion memorable & beautiful.

Ms. Norma “Gabriela” Ambriz Quinceañera was no exception thanks to the AMAZING years of preparation by her wonderful parents Mr. Esteban & Amy Ambriz and family!

The Quinceañera, or Quinceanero is a coming of age party for girls celebrated in many Latin American countries, Mexico, and among Latino immigrants. It is usually celebrated on a girl’s fifteenth birthday, and can range from a party composed primarily of family and close friends to elaborately arranged balls. It is somewhat similar to the sweet 16 party, but tends to be more formerly organized. It can also be seen as similar to the bat mitzvah, since the girl is officially a young woman after its celebration.

Watching the transformation of a lovely teenage girl into a beautiful, gorgeous princess was truly fascinating, but to witness the tears from the mothers eyes was worth it all. This was a day that Gabriela would never forget and to have Brickhouse Talk apart of it meant the family trusted us with her memories.

Erika Palega was magnificent once again at her craft. The makeup colors and contrast chose complimented Gabriela natural beauty. Erika cleverly designed the makeup to match the attire that Gabriela would change into later that evening.
Gabriela desired long locks and Erika delivered by enhancing the length of her hair and utilizing her magic wand (curling iron).

Brickhouse Talk La Tanya Smith was there to lend a hand with the gentlemen ties while Erika assisted with the spiking of their hair.

Needless to say once completed it was picture perfect…according to Gabriela and if the princess is happy then Brickhouse Talk mission was completed!

Thanks to the Ambriz family for intrusting Brickhouse Talk with your special day and precious memories.

Erika Palega
BTP Stylist



BTP Stylist Erika Palega & Princess Ms.  Norma “Daniela” Ambriz

Mr. Estaban Ambriz


The Lovely Mrs. Amy Ambriz & Daughter






Simply Beautiful Ms.  Norma Daniela Ambriz



BTP Executive Assistant LaTanya Smith Always Available!!


A Priceless Moment






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