1st Annual Share The Warmth Winter Coat Drive

"It's Better To Give Than To Receive" and apparently there's truth behind that gracious statement as numerous caring individuals came out to support our worthy cause.We kicked off the 1st Annual Share The Warmth Winter Coat Drive in full gear. It was a beautiful yet chilly Saturday morning which put more EMPHASIS on the need for warm clothing for those who do not have. Thank you again to all who donated coats, jackets, sweaters to the … [Read more...]

Doing It His Way!!! Comedian Chris Riggins

  Chris Riggins....What more can I say other than if you haven't seen him then you're depriving yourself of an opportunity to be entertained by a historically funny comedian who's blazing stages throughout the Bay Area and beyond!Chris is naturally talented, making it a task for me to get through the interview with him. Upon arriving at our studio, Chris instantly had the Brickhouse Talk Team laughing nonstop. He's one of … [Read more...]

Little Aaliyah Washington Making A BIG Difference!

As the CEO and host of Brickhouse Talk Productions one of my most enjoyable obligations is interviewing....especially when I have the opportunity to speak with "our kids". The excitement in their eyes and the uncanny knowledge they posses is very refreshing. To witness that our kids still have dreams that are attainable reinstates my relentless hope that all is NOT lost despite the depressing media." Aaliyah Washington" is something special. … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Enjoyed An Evening Of Comedy In Martinez Ca

Imagine attending a comedy show and EVERY comedian who touched the stage exceeded your level of expectations, or shall I say gave you a NEW profound respect for the comedians who represent the BAY AREA!! These guys gave an EPIC performance in Martinez California that was very deserving of a platform such as the Paramount or even the Oakland Coliseum or greater. ERIC BARBER of DARE YOU TO LAUGH PRODUCTIONS you've done it … [Read more...]


 Due to the increased demand of content based upon the growing popularity of our website.Brickhouse Talk is pleased to announce that we're looking for new freelance writers to accommodate our needs. All interested applicants can submit sample articles, covering either the sports or entertainment genre to info@brickhousetalk.com.All submissions will be reviewed and potential candidates will be notified by e-mail with further … [Read more...]

Lufkin Texas Produces Another Pro-Athlete Miami Dolphins RB # 41 JORVORSKIE LANE

 Nothing excites me more about BRICKHOUSE TALK than when I have the PROUD opportunity to write about a star that has emerged from my home town of Lufkin Texas. Apparently there's some Brickhouse Talk followers in Lufkin because I received a comment from Meme informing me of Jorvoskie's accomplishment and you're certainly right Meme, he's deserving of the recognition.On a personal side note I attended school with the parents of … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk 1st Year Anniversary Award Ceremony

Its written that billionaire Bill Gates too had a vision. He  so desperately believe in his idea that he dropped out of Harvard to form Microsoft with friend Paul Allen. They started by writing a BASIC language compiler for Altair computers out of Bill's GARAGE in Arizona. When Bill Gates was a mere 17 years old, he'd already made his own computer program,a time tabling system, and sold it for $4,200. This led him to crave work in the computer … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Stylist Erika Palega Makes Another Quinceañera Unforgettable!!!

Not only is she the stylist for Brickhouse Talk CEO Ramonda Cutrer. Erika Palega also graciously renders her talented services to individuals who are in need of making a special occasion memorable & beautiful.Ms. Norma "Gabriela" Ambriz Quinceañera was no exception thanks to the AMAZING years of preparation by her wonderful parents Mr. Esteban & Amy Ambriz and family!The Quinceañera, or Quinceanero is a coming of age party for … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk On The One’s & Two’s With Muzikmann DJ Ouma

 What's up everybody? I know it's been a minute since your boy checked in to hit you with the latest and greatest. However, I had to resuscitate myself out of hibernation, due to an overwhelming sense of urgency to cover my next assignment. Real talk! I've been waiting on this day to come like an overdue check in the mail! I was given the elite pleasure of covering Mr. Muzikmann himself; D.J. Ouma. For the two people in the general … [Read more...]