Doing It His Way!!! Comedian Chris Riggins

  Chris Riggins....What more can I say other than if you haven't seen him then you're depriving yourself of an opportunity to be entertained by a historically funny comedian who's blazing stages throughout the Bay Area and beyond!Chris is naturally talented, making it a task for me to get through the interview with him. Upon arriving at our studio, Chris instantly had the Brickhouse Talk Team laughing nonstop. He's one of … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk 1st Year Anniversary Award Ceremony

Its written that billionaire Bill Gates too had a vision. He  so desperately believe in his idea that he dropped out of Harvard to form Microsoft with friend Paul Allen. They started by writing a BASIC language compiler for Altair computers out of Bill's GARAGE in Arizona. When Bill Gates was a mere 17 years old, he'd already made his own computer program,a time tabling system, and sold it for $4,200. This led him to crave work in the computer … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Stylist Erika Palega Makes Another Quinceañera Unforgettable!!!

Not only is she the stylist for Brickhouse Talk CEO Ramonda Cutrer. Erika Palega also graciously renders her talented services to individuals who are in need of making a special occasion memorable & beautiful.Ms. Norma "Gabriela" Ambriz Quinceañera was no exception thanks to the AMAZING years of preparation by her wonderful parents Mr. Esteban & Amy Ambriz and family!The Quinceañera, or Quinceanero is a coming of age party for … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk On The One’s & Two’s With Muzikmann DJ Ouma

 What's up everybody? I know it's been a minute since your boy checked in to hit you with the latest and greatest. However, I had to resuscitate myself out of hibernation, due to an overwhelming sense of urgency to cover my next assignment. Real talk! I've been waiting on this day to come like an overdue check in the mail! I was given the elite pleasure of covering Mr. Muzikmann himself; D.J. Ouma. For the two people in the general … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk1 Year Anniversary Celebration Red Carpet Memories

July 28, 2012 was an evening to remember as we celebrated our first year anniversary amongst family and friends  as the Bay Area hottest sports and entertainment website. It was truly an incredible year for Brickhouse Talk and we never lost focus. We pride ourselves on showcasing honorable individuals who are doing EXTRAORDINARY things within their community and making a difference.  This will always been the vision of Brickhouse Talk and we're … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Special Guests On Ozcat Radio KZCT 89.5 FM Vallejo CA

 As Brickhouse Talk work diligently to brand ourselves in the community we gratefully accepted the invitation from our dear friend and radio personality Henri'   & his lovely co-hosts L-Rae and Kimbe' of Pro BBFM Radio (Beauty Business Fashion Music)We had an awesome time at the station and if  I might add the music played on this station is very diverse and can be enjoyed by all ages. Pro BBFM radio talks about the latest in … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk & Bay Areas Own “BIG TREE The Comic”

 BIG TREE The Comedian has turn a dare into a career in comedy which very well may have been his calling. He's a natural on stage and with his raspy voice that very much reminds me of the rapper Tone-Loc he's able to turn life experiences whether good or bad into a humorous comedy along with making you say "hmmmm" he has a point!Big Tree The Comedian has only been gracing the comedy stage for two years and as you will see in our … [Read more...]

Danny From Sobrante Latest Video Release “Work On Deck”

 Brickhouse Talk is bringing you the latest video release from Bay Area rap artist Danny From Sobrante!!!Danny from Sobrante is working diligently continuing to brand and establish himself as a rap artist who's name can be mentioned with the best of them. His music is currently being played by BIG VON on 106KMEL...and VON just don't play ANYBODY'S music.Brickhouse Talk supports Danny From Sobrante & Mouth Piece Society. He's … [Read more...]

The WOMAN Behind San Jose CA BAMMA Fight Team “Lori Henderson”

Lori Henderson and I could have literally talked for hours. She has a wealth of information in regards to health & fitness, but what most interest me was her job as a corner person for her fight team. How does she do it?? She's so girly to me YET there's another side to her once her fighters enter the ring. She's much like the lion in the den protecting her baby cubs. But her fighter aren't baby cubs by no means. These young men are trained … [Read more...]

The Man Behind The Music “BIG VON” Of 106 KMEL

I had the pleasure meeting BIG VON numerous years ago when my daughter Erika Palega, who's currently BRICKHOUSE TALK STYLIST was a part of a dance group that dominated the stage performing with several well-known artists during concerts sponsored by KMEL.BIG VON has remained the same from day one of our introduction. With his big personality and charming demeanor in which he tries to keep discrete he has definitely earned my vote and many … [Read more...]