Rap Artist NonStop Stops By Brickhouse Talk

  NonStop was featured as Brickhouse Talk October Artist Of The Month. He's a determine and driven young man who has overcome life adversities that some teens would have probably used as an excuse to give up. NonStop didn't have the average teenage life growing up. He had to accept enormous responsibilities growing up with two parents who are deaf. Although this was a challenging experience he learned so much from it and doesn't regret … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Gets A Sneak Peek Of Some Fashionable Bay Area Designs

  Brickhouse Talk was invited to get a sneak peek of some of the latest fashion and designs by Bay Areas very own designers Mastahn Fanaka, James Head & Janette Simone. Needless to say the apparel was fascinating and so were the models who complimented it very well. From upscale handbags to red carpet attire to walking Miami beach you found it all at this wonderful mixer! GZ First Anniversary Mixer celebration provided a great … [Read more...]

Brian Mims & Castlemont Basketball Phenom Jamelle Carbino

This week Brickhouse Talk was permitted yet another unique opportunity to interview a player from Castlemont’s Men’s Varsity basketball team. The player that I am referring to is Jamelle Corbino. Jamelle has been playing organized basketball since elementary school, participating on various Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) teams, and actively honing his skills at the high school level. Jamelle naturally plays a shooting guard. However, an interim … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Ramonda Cutrer Speaks With Bay Area Actor Robert Ajlouny

  Have you ever met someone who dared to DREAM??  And regardless of the obstacles life presented they prevailed. Who didn't let unfortunate life experiences and choices made determine their future. Well I had the pleasure of meeting this "Brickhouse" and his story can be inspiring to all. Robert Ajlouny is someone special. He has a smile that lights up a room and charisma that matches. I was introduced to Robert by the lovely Steve … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Speaks With PbM Clothing

POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURES!! What a powerful, meaningful label to represent a business with unlimited opportunities.   It was a pleasure to feature Brandon & Will of PbM Clothing on Brickhouse Talk. Both guys truly compliment one another in a business sense. The vision for PbM is for the consumer to know that the merchandise was specifically designed with you in mind. Beginning from the fabric, manufacturing, colors but most … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Introduces “Mr. Jeramiah Paige Jr.”

He's a 5th grader with a BIG personality!! Jeramiah Page, student President of Brookfield Village Elementary School in Oakland CA lights up any room. He's well spoken and has a very polite demeanor for his age and upon meeting him I was very impressed by his contribution toward the Imagine That Foundation. Jeramiah is one of those kids you can just sit and talk to and learn a few things. He amazed me with stories he cared to share during … [Read more...]

  The two musical artists set the stage for a wonderful interview by bring the host (Ramonda) a bouquet of lovely flowers. My regards before meeting these two gentlemen was already held high but this thoughtful gesture just took it to the next level by adding a touch of class to their reputation. Soul Mystic a Bay Area native was recently featured as Brickhouse Talk "Artist Of The Month" in March 2012. This artist is certainly in tuned …

Brickhouse Talk Brian Mims Speaks With The 2012 Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall Of Famer Castlemont High Coach Hodari McGavock

Brickhouse Talk had a special opportunity to sit down and speak with Castlemont High School boys basketball Coach Hodari McGavock. Hodari has been coaching basketball for well over two decades and has built quite an impressive resume for himself. The man knows basketball like a preacher knows scripture and has recorded an impressive catalog of accomplishments. Some of his more recent achievements and accolades as a coach can be referenced … [Read more...]

When we say that "BRICKHOUSE TALK" is built on unity amongst family and true friends we wanted to give you just a glimpse of what we're talking about! As the C.E.O I personally believe that we have been successful thus far because of a natural bond that's has been created between us. Every laughter is genuine, every smile is sincere and every word we say to critic one another is only given to make the us stronger and not weaker. Erika is …

  Brickhouse Talk Ramonda Cutrer sits down with Dajah Mitchell, sophomore student at San Leandro High School. Dajah is certainly going places and her first important stop is Washington DC. Dajah Mitchell, an elite student who at a very young age started to prepare for her future. She holds many positions on her high school school board along with other career development organizations outside of school. She can be considered as role …