I’m Back At Square One With My Trainer John Hebison

    Never say "never'. Because I NEVER thought that I would be back at square one, but life took it's toll and I lost focus on ME physically which certainly caused my endurance level to decrease and as you can probably observe I've added an extra pound or two..perhaps three maybe even 5....lol BUT NEVER FEAR JOHN HEBISON IS HERE!!!!! The man who was very instrumental in my rapid body transformation is back at my side … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk “Zumba” With Instructor Michelle Martinez

  In effort to continue to promote a healthier lifestyle and fitness Brickhouse Talk enjoyed a high energy, motivating Zumba class by a great instructor Michelle Martinez. Michelle was a delight. She was fun and she possessed great energy. She kept the class involved with great music and fascinating dance steps. She definitely displayed patience and poise¬† as it was some of our first time participating. mine in particular. This was … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Executive Assistance LaTanya Smith Shares Her Behind The Scenes Fitness Workout

  I've always been impressed with LaTanya Smith. I admire LaTanya's heart, her determination and she's truly a professional classy lady. Since Launching Brickhouse Talk LaTanya has been on a serious straight "tunnel vision" health kick and her results are definitely evident. She has always been a beautiful person inside and out and these days her cup continues to over flow with beauty and incredible energy. I remember when we were at … [Read more...]

The Ladies Of Ohlone College Fitness Update

After the successful completion of their 8 weeks fitness challenge with trainer John Hebison "TEAM OHLONE" still prevails. The ladies are actively working to sustain a healthy lifestyle by following the nutritional plan personally designed for each of their individual goals. Team Ohlone has tunnel vision when it comes to fitness. The launching of the fitness challenge unleashed MORE energy and drive mentally, physically and spiritually. … [Read more...]

The Ladies of Ohlone Explains “WHY” They Chose To Get Fit!!!

  With the second week of the challenge in their rear view mirror the ladies are feeling better than ever! This challenge is very personal as each participant explained why they decided to partake in this event. Whether its health conscious, or just unwanted inches the ladies of Ohlone are motivated and determine to reach their goals. During the vigorous workout sessions with trainer John Hebison they're giving 100%.¬† And its no … [Read more...]

Ohlone College Staff Members Launch Their Brickhouse Talk 8 Weeks Get Fit Challenge

Brickhouse Talk is excited to announce Ohlone College Staff 8 Weeks Get Fit Challenge!!! Week one of the fitness challenge consisted of meeting with the Nutritionist David Reta to formulate a specified meal plan for each participants desired goals. David provided a very detailed outline of a daily meal consumption that would insure if followed precisely guaranteed results. Each participant has provided before and after photos along with … [Read more...]

Ramonda’s Fitness Challenge Finale Video With Nutritionist David Reta

My 8 week Brickhouse Talk Fitness Challenge was a SUCCESS! I look and feel absolutely "FABULOUS"!! I'm so elated that I step outside of the comfort zone of my normal work out routine to challenge myself to actually eat healthier and workout hard to reach the ultimate results in which I've longed for all the years I've been working out. I'm receiving numerous calls from high school friends complimenting me on my results and at the same time … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk One Day Fitness Boot Camp (7th Week)

For my 7th week fitness video I decided to do it a little differently by asking John to do a one day fitness camp with my family . My family is very supportive of my challenge and we all have one common goal in mind which is to get fit and maintain healthier lifestyle. It was a great work out session. Look for them participating in the next Brickhouse Talk fitness challenge. Stay tune for my 8th and final week fitness challenge work. This … [Read more...]

Fitness Challenge Work Out # 6 Using Resistance Bands With Trainer John Hebison

On workout session #6 I found it to be much easier lifting weights compared to challenging your own body strength with resistance bands... and I LOVE A CHALLENGE. I enjoyed this workout because it involved my over all body strength. Working out with the resistance bands allows you to gradually challenge yourself by utilizing the different bands. It's also a good stretching method. This is a very simple exercise that you can do at home or … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Fitness Challenge “Kettle Bell” Training With Trainer John Hebison

This was by far one of my favorite workouts with trainer John Hebison. I have never used a kettle bell during my work outs and I must say it was a very intense work out. You must maintain balance by using your core muscles at all times. The kettle bell allows you to workout your total body in session and believe me it was indeed a great workout. I would like to reiterate that my desire to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle is real. This isn't … [Read more...]