Doing It His Way!!! Comedian Chris Riggins

  Chris Riggins....What more can I say other than if you haven't seen him then you're depriving yourself of an opportunity to be entertained by a historically funny comedian who's blazing stages throughout the Bay Area and beyond!Chris is naturally talented, making it a task for me to get through the interview with him. Upon arriving at our studio, Chris instantly had the Brickhouse Talk Team laughing nonstop. He's one of … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk1 Year Anniversary Celebration Red Carpet Memories

July 28, 2012 was an evening to remember as we celebrated our first year anniversary amongst family and friends  as the Bay Area hottest sports and entertainment website. It was truly an incredible year for Brickhouse Talk and we never lost focus. We pride ourselves on showcasing honorable individuals who are doing EXTRAORDINARY things within their community and making a difference.  This will always been the vision of Brickhouse Talk and we're … [Read more...]

The WOMAN Behind San Jose CA BAMMA Fight Team “Lori Henderson”

Lori Henderson and I could have literally talked for hours. She has a wealth of information in regards to health & fitness, but what most interest me was her job as a corner person for her fight team. How does she do it?? She's so girly to me YET there's another side to her once her fighters enter the ring. She's much like the lion in the den protecting her baby cubs. But her fighter aren't baby cubs by no means. These young men are trained … [Read more...]

Brian Mims Speaks With R&B Singer ENVYY & Rap Artist/Song Writer ITC

 Brickhouse Talk continues to bring it to YOU!!!The hottest artists in the Bay Area and beyond and we are excited to feature this awesome duo. The beautiful Ms. Nicole Van Hook AKA "ENVYY &  Rap Artist/Song Writer Terry Odds AKA "ITC!!Brickhouse Talk Executive Writer Brian Mims sits down with the two to get information on how their career started and what it takes to stay relevant in the music game. The first observation of … [Read more...]

BrickHouse Talk Documentary!

Watch the Brick House Talk Documentary! … [Read more...]

All American D1 Athlete Giles Chapman talks with about what inspires, motivates and drives him to be the best in his field. …

A New perspective

BRICKHOUSE TALK represents a profound bond built on strength, unity and loyalty. We will deliver hot topics on sports and entertainment news from our point of view to keep our viewers talking and anticipating more. … [Read more...]

The Los Angeles Lakers is one of the most successful and storied franchises in the history of the NBA. Over the last 2 years they have been the team to be and the team to beat. Since updating their status from contender to champion in 2009, the Lakers have had a bulls-eye, with a huge red X, and a neon lit sign saying “Take Aim Here!” on their backs. Repeating only made teams increase their ammunition with intentions to reload and re-fire. …