Brian Mims Oakland Raiders Analysis

 Stay tuned for A Weekly Official Word Raiders Recap by BTP Executive Writer Brian Mims As He See's It!!Also Brian Will Have Special Guests To Join Him To Discuss The Bay Area Sports. So If You Are A Die Hard Fan And Have Knowledge Of The Game Brian Welcomes Your Point Of View.Email Brian At BRICKHOUSE TALK "YOUR SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Official Word From Mrs. Sandy Bennett

Congratulations to Ramonda Cutrer and the entire BrickHouse Talk staff on your first Anniversary.  Thank God for His Grace.  Your cutting edge vision to report the news, sports, special support programs, i.e., the fitness challenge, and community interest stories from a different perspective have been inspiring, informative, and educational.  Subsequently, you didn’t travel to Hollywood seeking celebrities or hot topics; instead you looked … [Read more...]

Ramonda Cutrer “REUNITES” With Her Elite Personal Trainer John Hebison

 If someone had told me that after ALL my hard work and the astounding before and after photos that I would no longer be attending the gym faithfully today 4 to 5 times a week! I would  have called them INSANE!!!I was in the best shape of my adult life due to discipline, working hard with my trainer John Hebison and following the meal plan of my nutritionist David Reta and today I can honestly say to you that I haven't worked out in … [Read more...]

Ramonda Cutrer Official Word With Running Back Raysean Martin

 High School Senior Raysean Martin has committed to Southern Utah University.Raysean is eager to continue to embark on his college endeavor. Most importantly to capitalize on his phenomenal football legacy that started at Tennyson High School. He's very grateful for his family support and for his high school football coach who met with scouts that were interested in him.Raysean is one of those young men who's very humble. He has … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Ramonda Cutrer Official Word

 Ramonda Cutrer acknowledges some viewers who  have left comments on the website and Facebook page showing their support. She discuss the latest news on SF Giants ace Tim Lincecum's 2 year contract with the Giants. After missing 6 games Miami Heat Dwayne Wade returns to the court and he's playing as if he hasn't missed a game. Dwight Howard openly expressed his disappointment  with the team after the loss against New Orleans Hornets, … [Read more...]

Thanks For Your Support. 2012 Here We Come!!!!

 We ended 2011 on a high note. Brickhouse Talk was launched March 2011 therefore it hasn't been a full year but we've accomplished so much. We would like to personally thank all the exciting music artists, dancers, athletes, entrepreneurs, fanatic fans and we cant forget the BRICKHOUSE of The Month that was featured 2011. We very much look forward to what 2012 has in store for us. We have some very exciting individuals that we look … [Read more...]

Ramonda Cutrer’s Official Word

 My Official Word on the highly anticipated end to the NBA lockout and shout out to the Corrigan Camden Bulldogs. Also upcoming editions to the Brickhouse Talk website, such as Erika Palega's Fashion That Makes $ense column. Erika is my stylist and she's definitely a fashion guru. She knows the latest in fashion along with knowing the art of makeup and hair all on a reasonable budget that makes $EN$E!! Also soon to launch is my personal … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Ramonda Cutrer’s Official Word “FOOTBALL ONE ON ONE”

         Football is live and kicking!!! Ramonda Cutrer offers her Official Word on football terminology to keep those who aren't to familiar with football jargon. Football terms can stretch as long as the field therefore she only provided the most common terms. If there is an interest in other football trivia, feel free to leave a … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Ramonda Cutrer Official Word On “FITNESS”

  Join Ramonda Cutrer as she launch her Get Fit Challenge. Stay tuned for weekly postings of her video work out with trainer John Hebison and nutritional guidance from Nutritionist David Reta. Lets Get Physical!!! … [Read more...]

Brickhouse Talk Ramonda Cutrer Gets Brian Mims Official Word

Executive Writer Brian Mims give his analysis on the recent Hall of Fame Inductees, along with discussions on hot topics in the NFL.   … [Read more...]