The Brickhouse Talk Team left to right ( Erika Palega, Brian Mims, Ramonda Cutrer, LaTanya Smith & Evettra Whitaker)

Due to the increased demand of content based upon the growing popularity of our website.

Brickhouse Talk is pleased to announce that we’re looking for new freelance writers to accommodate our needs. All interested applicants can submit sample articles, covering either the sports or
entertainment genre to

All submissions will be reviewed and potential candidates will be notified by e-mail with further details. We are excited about extending this offer to unique,talented and highly motivated individuals, who are eager to make their mark in social journalism world.

Thank you kindly in advance
Brickhouse Talk Productions

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Ramonda Cutrer is the Ceo and Founder of Brickhouse Talk Productions. She is a dedicated sport fan, sportswoman, writer and entrepreneur with a vision to bring exciting and interesting perspectives on sports and entertainment with a classy approach.

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