Dajah Mitchell Updates Brickhouse Talk On Her Trip To The Washington DC

Hi Brickhouse Talk

First I want to thank you for allowing me to share my achievement with your viewers. I appreciate your support and your interest in high school students academically and athletetically.

As I promise I’m following up with you after wonderful, memorable trip to Washington DC. Prior to going all my family and friends where telling me how lucky I was to have this opportunity that some can only imagine. I never really understood until I actually stood on The White House grounds. I will forever be thankful to the Transportation Youth Summit. Not only were the sites and monuments were amazing to learn how transportation works was  amazing.

As mentioned I visited several historical sites such as the Lincoln, Vietnam, and Korean Memorial’s and the Washington Monument.  I also did a lot of activities. We went on a cruise called the Sacaqoya, which is the old Presidential boat. We took a tour of Washington on a Segway. It was amazing! I learned an interesting fact about the Segway.  The guy who made Segway’s actually died on the Segway! Another cool fact was the Washington Monument is made of different shades of bricks.  Initially, it was only built one third of the way and they had to stop because they ran out of funding. It was left like that way for thirty years until they received additional funding. When they finally received their funding they went to the place where they purchased additional bricks and the guy that sold the bricks said “I promise this will match.” But, he was wrong. So that’s way the Washington monument is two different shades.
  I also patroned the  Holocaust museum. It was really interesting to see and learn about what occurred during that time. 

 I also met Secretary Ray LaHood. He is very nice and super funny. He cares a lot about America’s youth. He thinks it is very important for my generation and others to know about what is going on in the world. I second that because you never know ”I” could be president someday or even secretary.
    This trip enlightened my experience regarding transportation and how it affects today’s commute.  I truly enjoyed the presentation technique presenter.  There are several sectors within transportation that I wasn’t aware of until attending this trip.  I didn’t think about the navigation behind flying a plane or what it takes to drive a train and how it works.  

Here are a few photos of me during my trip! Thanks Brickhouse Talk for your support!

Kind regards

Dajah Mitchell

Dajah Mitchell On The Segway Dajah Mitchell Giving Her Speech On What She Learned About Transportation


Dajah Mitchell Making Her Speech About What She Learned About Transportation



Transportation Headquarters



Secretary Of Transportation Ray Lahood With The Attendees


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. MonumentPresident Abraham Lincoln Monument


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  1. avatarEvettra says:

    Awesome !! thank you for supporting Dajah. We appreciate Brickhousetalk for honoring Dajah and giving her the opportuity to share her experience with today’s youth. We also appreciate your encouragement to continue on her path of discovering new and exciting opportunities! Evetttra Whitaker (Dajah’s mom)

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