Doing It His Way!!! Comedian Chris Riggins


Comedian Chris Riggins


Chris Riggins….What more can I say other than if you haven’t seen him then you’re depriving yourself of an opportunity to be entertained by a historically funny comedian who’s blazing stages throughout the Bay Area and beyond!

Chris is naturally talented, making it a task for me to get through the interview with him. Upon arriving at our studio, Chris instantly had the Brickhouse Talk Team laughing nonstop. He’s one of those type of comedians who loves what he does and it shows. I’ve seen Chris on several occasions and he’s never disappointed with his material and his over animated stretching maneuvers on stage. Much like our interview, on stage he’s very relaxed and smooth with his delivery. I was really surprised to learn that Chris has only been doing stand up for 5 years, but then again the comedians that inspires him while on his comic journey are ones in which makes him delivery as a well season veteran.

He’s certainly a comedian that you should look out for as he’s working consistently to establish himself as replicable comedian in the industry.

Chris should consider implementing rap in his stand up….he has lyrical skills. Thanks for the Brickhouse Talk free-style rap!!!

You can catch Chris at work at TOMMY T’S in Pleasanton CA on Halloween  Eve for The Ghouls Of Comedy.





Comedian Chris Riggins & Brickhouse Talk CEO Ramonda Cutrer

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