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Brick House Talk Fanatic of the Month Nominee!


                                                VICTOR VILLARREAL



Giants Fan Victor Villarreal

Brickhouse Talk recognizes Victor Villarreal as the Fan Of The Month and there’s no question about his dedication to The San Francisco Giants!!!

Construction worker and faithful Giants fan Victor Villarreal was raised in Daly City California. Therefore it was never a question where his loyalty would reside in regards to the Bay Area baseball team to support. He recalls the days when he once worked at Candle Stick Park and how eager he was to go to work everyday.
Victor now a father of 5 kids (2 girls and 3 boys), and very soon a new baby boy will be added to the Villarreal family. Victors family are natural Giants fans. He takes his kids to the ball games and they still partake in the infamous wave. The girls like pitchers Matt Cain and of course Brian “The Beard Man” Wilson. When attending the game they sit in the area in which they can see the pitchers warm up before hitting the field. Victor’s two daughters actually plays for the Jr. Giants softball team.
Victor shares that how his home turned into a Giants Memorabilia. He talks about how smart his girls are. One in particular surprised Victor on a visit to the amusement park by bungee jumping without any hesitations. Victor was so shocked by his daughter actions and she later shared with him that people thinks just because she’s a brainiac she wouldn’t have nerves to do something as courageous as bungee jumping. Victor said that very moment he was inspired to do what he always wanted to do despite what people might say and that was to do what one may consider an ultimate fan dedication…..paint his home in tribute to the Giants. He began painting his home every day after work until it was completed. He used paint that last for 25 yrs and a clear gloss coat that extends it for an additional 10 years. Sounds like a life long fan to me. Victor you are an ULTIMATE Giants Fan!!!














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Which  2 NBA teams will be the last ones standing to represent the East & West in the NBA 2012 Championship playoff game?





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