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Someone said to me years ago – Fear Equals Failure. At the time it took a moment to really understand that. Now I completely get it. Some say that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.  In the past I had been afraid to venture out and try things because I didn’t want to fail, or make a mistake, look bad, be embarrassed, get a bad grade, look stupid, disappoint my parents, repeat the past or let myself down. Thank God for the ability to learn, grow and understand. A wise man by the name of Les Brown said: “You must fail your way to success. A setback ain’t nothing but a setup for a comeback.”.
Fear can be crippling. It can rob us of our faith, confidence, courage, success, and our desire to achieve. The best way to overcome it, is to FACE IT. Remember in school or with your siblings or neighborhood kids we would play truth or dare?  Well you must dare to be different, dare to succeed, dare to dream a bigger dream or dare to accomplish your goals. You must have faith in your yourself, your skills, abilities and your purpose in life. Don’t let fear hold you hostage. If we focus on living a positive, meaningful and purposeful life the fear of failure becomes irrelevant.
This lesson is true in every facet of our lives. We have to remind ourselves daily to trust God or whomever we call the Divine One,  and refuse to accept defeat, give ourselves credit for trying and try again. Fear may equal failure but failure does not equal final. So what false evidence is appearing real in your life? Stop………..Think about it.
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Ramonda Cutrer is the Ceo and Founder of Brickhouse Talk Productions. She is a dedicated sport fan, sportswoman, writer and entrepreneur with a vision to bring exciting and interesting perspectives on sports and entertainment with a classy approach.

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