Film Director, Producer & Writer MICHAEL SHAWN CUNNINGHAM


Director Michael Sean Cunningham


Brickhouse Talk recognize Michael Shawn Cunningham as the Brickhouse Of The Month.

Despite his shyness before the camera…with the camera in hand he’s bold and confident due to his many years of experience and his ability to turn a small project into a masterpiece worthy of any audience.

His recent movie THE SHOP inspired by the legendary Mr. Bill Cosby  was written, produced and directed by Michael Sean Cunningham. He’s a very talented and humble individual who not only want to be successful in the entertainment industry, he’s graciously mentoring and encouraging actors and producers to their experience and move forward by always being prepared for the next movie opportunity.

Micheal Shawn Cunningham is one of a kind and is more than deserving to be the BRICKHOUSE OF THE MONTH. Brickhouse Talk wishes him continued success and we look forward to seeing and supporting his latest movie THE SHOP!!





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Director Michael Sean Cunningham & Ramonda Cutrer

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