Is Darren McFadden Running Out Of Time?

Darren McFadden is one of the NFL’s more electrifying running backs who can arguably be listed amongst the elite, when he can manage to stay healthy. Each season he teases us with flashes of brilliant play, dazzling footwork, dynamic athleticism and promising potential, only to succumb to injuries at some point during the season. In his rookie season, McFadden suffered from turf toe on both his feet, which neutralized the very reason why the Raiders drafted him, his speed. Even though his injuries only prevented him from participating in three games, his performance was visibly compromised to that of an average runner.


In week one of his second season McFadden rushed for 95 yards on 18 carries. In Week 2, McFadden rushed for 145 yards on 30 carries against the St. Louis Rams. McFadden went on to rush for 105 yards against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 3, before missing the next two games with a hamstring injury, which he suffered Oct. 3 against the Houston Texans. Altogether McFadden missed 4 games due to injury related reasons, finishing the season with 357 total rushing yards. In McFadden’s third and strongest season to date, he missed an additional 4 games, but managed to accumulate 1,157 rushing yards on 223 attempts. The Raiders finally got a decent return on their lofty investment and expectations for the 2011 season were logically elevated.


Last season McFadden got off to his best start yet. He led the NFL with 610 yard rushing through the first 6 games, before falling victim to a Lisfranc (foot) injury. McFadden ended up missing the final 9 games of the season, leaving many fans wondering if he will ever play a full 16 games. McFadden is aware of the whispers but he shrug’s them off in a nonchalant manner.  

“Everybody has their own opinion,” McFadden told the San Jose Mercury News. “I’m just out there playing, going hard. If I get hurt, so be it. I could see if I was just going down the street, falling over, getting hurt. It’s all behind me. If I get hurt going hard, I can’t do anything about it.”

McFadden is hands down the Raiders best runner that they have had since Charlie Garner. He’s a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. His skill set allows him to be used as both a running and receiving threat, and defenses must account for him every time he’s on the field. However, the Raiders have yet to get an entire season out of McFadden, who only has 2 years left on his contract. The clock is ticking and McFadden knows that he can outrun just about anything, except for maybe and injury-prone season.

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