Little Aaliyah Washington Making A BIG Difference!

Gifted Singer & Actress Aaliyah Washington

As the CEO and host of Brickhouse Talk Productions one of my most enjoyable obligations is interviewing….especially when I have the opportunity to speak with “our kids”. The excitement in their eyes and the uncanny knowledge they posses is very refreshing. To witness that our kids still have dreams that are attainable reinstates my relentless hope that all is NOT lost despite the depressing media.

” Aaliyah Washington” is something special. I cant sum into words her energy, her intellect and her charisma and although she thanked me for the interview, Brickhouse Talk were the fortunate ones to be able to share her story.

She’s radiant and she’s gifted. Her eyes are mystical and while speaking with her I felt as if she was looking through my soul, which made me question myself  “Am I doing all that I can do??  At the age of 11 she’s the founder of the Christmas In Richmond feed the homeless foundation. She’s also a motivational speaker to kids her age and did I mention she sings beautifully while also acting. Most importantly she believes in God and knows him personally for herself. Aaliyah Washington is simply anointed.

Some of you may not understand this interview, but this will be by far one of my most fondest interviews because the Brickhouse Talk staff and the family of Aaliyah were not the only ones present during this interview at our studio!!!

Please search for Aaliyah’s name on the Brickhouse Talk website to read about her remarkable story.



Aaliyah’s mother Mrs. Edna Campbell & sister Burgandy


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