“Looking For Me” By Author Angela Duirden-Galbreth

Author Angela Duirden-Galbreth


Angela Duirden-Galbreth is definitely her own woman. She is a wife, mother, author, business owner, and pastor. She does it all with style and a double dose of pizazz!


Looking for Me is Angela Duirden-Galbreth’s debut novel. Lyrically written, it explicitly details the emotional life journey of a young woman whose tragic lives have been shaped by horrific circumstances. A native of Lufkin, Texas, Angela began her writing career at the tender age of six. Stapled notebook paper in booklet form, she was sure my four page masterpiece would be a bestseller. Since then, she has won and been a finalist in numerous writing contests, recently receiving the first Annual Soul Sister Creative Writing Award. A sought after keynote speaker for women’s conferences, seminars, and empowerment lectures.  She speaks with insight, electric power and authority while holding true to my own unique style. Married 22 years to the love of her life, a career soldier, she has traveled the globe extensively. To this union they share two beautiful children.

Angela holds an AGS, BA in Liberal Arts, MA in Human Resources, and CPA certification. Her personal endeavors are to fulfill God’s purpose in her life as she celebrates every day of her journey to its fullest.

Favorite Quote:

“I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.” -Og Mandino

LOOKING FOR ME is the first of a planned trilogy.

Brief Synopsis: Mona Bishop is a different kind of woman. To be simple or ordinary would be a dream come true. Since childhood, she never had much of anything, including a voice. Finally, things are looking up. She has her new baby girl and her husband, Lee—a free spirit, who’s been enticed by the tango with danger, but loves her truly. Mona thinks her abusive past and life on the streets is buried and gone. When Lee is convicted of drug trafficking, and spends time in prison, Mona’s old habits come back to haunt her.  She spirals downward into adultery, drug addiction, and finally the loss of her daughter.                                                             

Addicted to heroin and teetering on the brink of suicide, Mona is forced to confront her long-buried hurts and expose her darkest secrets. She digs deeper than she thought possible desperately trying to find the strength not to completely crumble and make peace with a past she regrets so she can have the future she believes she deserves.

 Excerpt from Chapter 4

After a while, she crawled out of bed, in a daze; she felt like she was outside her body, as if she were in a dream. Her eyes fell back down to the scene of the crime. She viewed the soiled sheets, and saw the blood on the covers; it turned her stomach. She put her gown back on, and staggered into the bathroom. In mechanical motion, she turned on the hot water of the tub, watched it fill, turned it off, and then removed her gown. She dipped her toes in, instantly withdrawing; the water was near scalding. After a few moments, she submerged her feet, one after the other, until she could adjust to the temperature. It took a while before she could sit, but once she did, the hot water helped to soothe the residual throbbing between her legs. It did nothing to comfort her fear and humiliation, but she wished the scathing water would at least burn away her shame. She broke out in tears again. The scene of what had just taken place played over and over in her mind. Jack’s touch was still on her skin, and his stench in her nostrils, but the source of the deep hurt and pain was unidentifiable. With the bar of soap she scrubbed her neck, arms, legs, feet, and vagina until they burned. No matter how hard Mona scrubbed her body, she couldn’t get clean.

Having sat until the water turned cold, Mona finally got out of the bathtub and dried off. She put on a fresh pair of panties, a clean set of pajamas, another gown, socks, and a robe. After brushing her teeth twice, she retrieved fresh sheets from the linen closet. She retreated back to the dungeon to which she had been banished, removing her tainted sheets from the bed. Neatly folding the bloody, marred linens, she stuck them underneath her mattress. Why she had done that, she didn’t know. Maybe she was saving them. For what purpose, she didn’t know.

Be that as it may, suppress the evidence, silence the witness; none of it could change the tragedy of what occurred. At the delicate age of nine, Mona had been deflowered by a fifty-five year-old man. He’d used a weak, defenseless child to satisfy his lustful, manly needs. And, she had succumbed. The big, bad wolf had led the dumb lamb to the slaughter of her purity and innocence. The purity that once defined her was forever gone; stolen.

If only Mona could have disappeared down the drain as easily as the water in the bathtub. She would swirl away from this place, never to exist again.


Author Angela Duirden-Galbreth













Mr. Tyler Perry has accepted part one of Angela’s book. Brickhouse Talk wishes her much success with any movie opportunitites that may be presented. The debut novel “Looking for Me” is the first of a planned trilogy. The release date is set for July 10, 2012, and may be ordered directly from the publisher’s website @ www.onekarmapublishing.com as well as amazon.com.

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  1. Angela Duirden-Galbreth is an awesome woman of God. This book “Looking for me” is just a tip of the iceberg. God has great things in store for you, Angela. I am ready to read the entire trilogy. God bless you.

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