Week 6 RAIDER VS FALCONS: My Raiders played a good game.  They didn’t give up but came up short.  A heart breaking 23-20 lost against the Atlanta Falcons.  Coming off the bi-week, the Raiders came to play, intercepting Falcons #2 Matt Ryan 3 times in the first half.  Even with a still banged up secondary, the defense got after it all day only given up 16 points to the hi-powered Atlanta offense playing steady pass defense and stout run defense.  The Raiders lead 13–7 at halftime.  It looked like we might be poised to pull off the upset and beat one of only two remaining undefeated team in the NFL at their house.  We were in FG range midway thru the 4 quarter and the game was tied at that time, when QB Carson Palmer thru a pic 6.  I would have run the ball on this play, you’re in position to take the lead; the run was doing well.  The defense been ballin out all game – give them a lead and let the D bring it home. (I’m Just Saying) To Carson Palmer’s credit, he did drive us right back down the field and tied the game with 40 seconds left.  But # 2 Matt Ryan drove Atlanta in to FG range and the kicker, Mat Bryant, hit a 55 yard FG with 1 second left on the clock.  Can you say heart breaking loss, ‘cause that’s what this was.  This type of loss hurt worse than a blow out, because it was there for the taken!  We gotta strap up the chin straps and get ready for Jacksonville.  We should pull that one off!!!!
Julian Jullie D Foster
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