The Raiders versus The Chiefs
Week 8: My Raiders played their best overall game of the season today winning their first game on the road.  The defense continues to play well since the bye week.  They definitely cleaned some things up on that side of the ball.  The offense played decent, but too many dropped balls and not enough 3rd down conversions.  We got to do better in those areas, but, I’m not going to complain!  We went into Kansas City and laid the smack down on the Chiefs.  That’s what we have to do, beat the teams we’re suppose to beat and stay in the playoff hunt.  The Raiders got back to back wins for the first time this season and up their record to 3 – 4.  That’s the way you keep fighting fellas and get back in the mix.  All the Raider haters keep hatten! We gone just keep ballin.  Next up the Tampa Bay Buck’s here at home. Let’s keep this momentum going and defend the black hole.
Julian Jullie D Foster
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