The Raiders were beat down real good Sunday.  They were dominated from beginning to the end, giving up 55 points a franchise record for the Baltimore Ravens.  This game was brutal to watch, the Raiders couldn’t stop them for scoring! They scored continuously on offense and twice on special teams.  The Ravens even went for a slap in the face; fake field goal, and they were already winning by more than 20 points at the time.  I guess they really wanted to rub it in.  We really didn’t have any bright spots in this game.  Well, Carlson Palmer kept his Oakland franchise record for 200 plus passing yards games going, but this was a mute point.  The Raiders were out played, embarrassed, drug all over the stadium, and didn’t look like they should have been on the same field as the Ravens this day.  Hate to see my team get smashed like this, but it happens sometimes.  We’ve got to play better or this season will continue to be ugly.




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