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Raiders versus Broncos
Week 14: I was on vacation last week so I didn’t see the previous game and it seems like I didn’t miss much. I did see this week’s game and it wasn’t impressive. Another lost bringing the total to 6 straight losses.   This is so not the BUSINESS.  Peyton Manning and the Broncos came in our house on Thursday night and gave us another nationally televised embarrassing loss ( 26-13). The only thing uplifting in this game is we played the Broncos better than we did earlier in the season, if that makes anyone feel better. Not Me! Peyton Manning with precision dismantled our defense like a surgeon on an operating table. They ran for over 100 yards as a team and controlled the clock.  All that adds up to another loss.  The Raiders played hard, but it wasn’t good enough.  With the Raiders coach Dennis Allen father passing away earlier in the week, I thought that would be enough motivation for the team to get one in for the coach, but it wasn’t.  We are not a good team right now and got a lot of work to do.  Only three weeks left in this nightmare season and my Raiders heart ache will be over but not forgotten.  Until then, I still will represent my team RAIDER DIE HARD, what more can I Say.
Julian Jullie D Foster
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