Raiders vs. Panthers Pregame Analysis

Hey everybody what’s up? It’s about that time again! It’s time to take a comprehensive look into this week Oakland Raiders game. The Raider fly out to Charlotte North Carolina to face Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Although the Panthers boast a slightly better record (5-9) than the Raiders, they have shown signs of significant improvement over their last few games. However, the Raiders themselves are coming of a 15-0 win over the Kansas City Chiefs and will be looking to close their final two games with momentum. For the Raiders, they should use these last two games for player/personnel evaluation purposes. They need to get a good idea of who they will need to bring back, to act as pillars for the team new/winning foundation. With that being said there was a brief Terelle Pryor sighting in last weeks game. Terelle was only on the field for one series and didn’t receive much of an opportunity to showcase his skill set. The Raiders committed a false start, followed up by handing the ball off twice, then ending the drive with an incomplete pass. Head Coach Dennis Allen has hinted towards seeing more of Pryor in the Carolinagame, however only in special situations and goal line packages.

Okay, so if the Raiders expect to walk out of Bank of America stadium with a victory, here is what they need to do. Padlock the Panthers locker room door until the referee’s call the game on the grounds of a forfeit. Lol! Just joking. The Raiders will need to apply pressure on Cam Newton until he turns into a diamond. Lol.  Seriously, the Raiders will need to not only pressure Newton, but shrink the pocket containing the phenomenal QB, not allowing him to break loose and make plays with his legs. Of course, this will be easier said than done. Newtoncan hurt you on the ground an in the air. The Raiders will need to be extremely disciplined in their gap assignments, neutralizing any threat of the run. The Panthers are currently rank 9th in team rush yards, withNewton listed as the teams leading rusher. Newton has racked up 647 yards on 108 attempts to date. The Panthers go as Cam Newton goes and if you give him time he can pick you apart. Panthers leading receiver Steve Smith has already breached the 1000 yard receiving mark, and can have a big game if the Raiders can’t get a decent rush on Newton. WithNewton it can be pick your poison, but the QB does have a feast or famine reputation. If I were the Raiders, I’d commit an extra player against the run while bringing over a safety to help out with Smith, taking my chances withNewton using other targets on the team.

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