Raiders Young QB Showing “Pryde and Poise”

There is no doubt that the Oakland Raiders starting quarterback will be Carson Palmer for the 2012-13 season. The Raiders gave up what a 1st and 2nd rounder to acquire the semi-retired Palmer, in hopes of maintaining their mid-season momentum and division lead into a playoffs birth. Unfortunately, that plan fell short once the Raiders lost their final deciding game, in front of their home crowd to the San Diego Chargers. However, Palmer was not the only quarterback the Raiders acquired last year. The Raiders used one of their 3rd round pick from this years draft to nab the former Ohio State standout Terrelle Pryor. Upon Pryor’s arrival he immediately served a mandatory 5 game suspension for NCAA violations before he was able to practice with the team. However, even after Pryor was allowed to suit up and practice, he was far behind the learning curve with no feasible way of catching up.

“I didn’t know anything last year, nothing at all,” Pryor confessed. “I came in last year at the end of camp, and everything was already put in. I couldn’t ask the coach, the offensive coordinator.”

The Raiders didn’t have a designated Quarterbacks coach last year, so Pryor had no direct mentor to help him grasp the complexities of an NFL offense. Confused and with no real guidance or direction, Pryor struggled on the filed with getting reps and off the field with his feelings toward football. Pryor openly admits that he was depressed and questioned if he really loved the game. He even contemplated if he wanted to continue playing football. However, now it’s a new year, a new regime and Pryor has a new outlook on his future with the Raiders. Pryor’s work ethic and dedication this offseason has been so impressive; that it has caught the attention of the newly hired Raiders QB coach John Deflippo.

“He’s going to give himself a chance to be a good player in this league, because of his work ethic,” quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo said. “He’s a gym rat here in this building. He loves being here, loves talking football, loves being around, playing the game. “He’s getting better every day.”

Although Pryor was viewed as more of a project coming out of college, he is working hard to transform himself into a polished product.NFL scouts expressed concerns about his mechanics, however Pryor see’s it as a matter of getting his footwork down. He is confident in his skill set as a quarterback and quick to point out he’s not your typical athletic QB. A local Bay Area reporter found that out quick when he made a reference regarding Pryor’s athleticism.

“I got a big arm too,” Pryor said. “A BIG arm. I just happen to be able to run and that just adds on to my arsenal. If you go throughout the reads and do the right progression and throw the ball to the right spot where you want it to be, and if nothing’s there and I take off, then that’s a plus.”

Pryor knows there’s work to be done, but he’s not naïve about his strength’s or weaknesses. He’s very critical of himself and even gave a candid assessment of his recent status.

“I work with the best, I work with Carson every day,” Pryor said. “I think the biggest thing is to keep working on my feet and getting my footwork down because sometimes it’s not consistent. When it’s consistent, I make perfect throws. When it’s not, sometimes it’s not the best drive. So I just have to keep working on that and getting better at it.”

Even Raiders starting quarterback Carson Palmer gave the young signaler caller some praise.

“He just wants to get better every day,” Palmer said. “It’s fun to be around a young guy like that that’s champing at the bit to get in there and get reps and wants to steal your reps.”

So for the 2012-13 season we can rest assured that Carson Palmer will be starting under center. However, if Pryor continues to develop and sharpen his throwing mechanics, we may see a legitimate QB controversy in training camp next year. Don’t thinks so? I can give you 13 Million reasons (Palmers 2013 Salary) why I’d disagree.

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