Ramonda Cutrer “REUNITES” With Her Elite Personal Trainer John Hebison

Ramonda Cutrer & Trainer John Hebison


If someone had told me that after ALL my hard work and the astounding before and after photos that I would no longer be attending the gym faithfully today 4 to 5 times a week! I would  have called them INSANE!!!

I was in the best shape of my adult life due to discipline, working hard with my trainer John Hebison and following the meal plan of my nutritionist David Reta and today I can honestly say to you that I haven’t worked out in 6 weeks!!

Work, Life and Family has caused me to loose focus and I will tell you that every morning when I look in the mirror I regret it. I have no one to blame but self, because I let me down! I very easily became distracted with work and the success of my business to the point of not making time for my health. Shame on ME!!

The worst part of it all is that I cant seem to find the motivation to get going again!! Therefore my wonderful, supporting trainer John Hebison is right back at my side to help get me back to where I once where 6 weeks ago!!! And this time there wont be a REPEAT…I’m making time for ME.

This wont be pretty yall!!! As I feel that these sessions are going to harder than the first ones. So keep watch out for Ramonda Fitness Journal as we will be posting my workout videos showing my progress and so that you can follow along.

Personal Message To My Trainer: John Please Be Gentle…lol

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Elite Trainer John Hebison

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