Ramonda’s Fitness Journey

Brickhouse Talk CEO Ramonda Cutrer


I’m far from perfect and my life has been filled with swift transitions. Sometimes I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going???

You know the old saying “you cant miss what you NEVER had”…Well I certainly miss my lean mean body because I definitely HAD one a few months ago. I’ve made every excuse in the book “I don’t have time for the gym” and “I want to add few more pounds to secure my curves and then I’ll go back to the gym and tone and maintain”. Who was I kidding?? Now I weigh more than before. I have no energy…and my jeans are fitting a little snugged these days…. Hey…don’t judge me I’m only human. Many of you reading this article know me personally. I’m a very driven individual and if ever distracted from any goal its only for a momentarily because failure isn’t an option as learning new ways to live a healthier lifestyle are endless! I’ll tell you this, once you’ve experienced being physically fit, with nothing but a lean body mass…anything else is unacceptable and the mirrors in home cant be ignored.

Bottom line is I determine whether or not I’m going to workout and what I’m going to eat!   Each morning that I’m blessed to open my eyes and I have the activity of my limbs  My daughter Emani and I have committed to running a mile at 7:00 am and work out at the gym at 7:00 pm. Thanks to 24 Hour Fitness  trainer JASON for an awesome workout tonight.

I cant stress enough that your nutrition is key! You can work out for hours  but if you are not consuming proper nutrition at least 5 times a day your workout will be a loss.

My journal is real. Its my way of sharing with you my struggles and successes with fitness. I’ve received great feedback from my articles and workout videos. Gotta love trainer John Hebison and Nutritionist David Reta.

Stay tuned for my BRICKHOUSE workout videos. As mentioned before I’ve been asked for workout techniques for you Mom’s at home or just the busy ladies who cant make it to the gym. Don’t worry I GOTCHA…

Until then get motivated even if its just walking in your neighborhood…any cardio is good cardio.

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Ramonda Cutrer is the Ceo and Founder of Brickhouse Talk Productions. She is a dedicated sport fan, sportswoman, writer and entrepreneur with a vision to bring exciting and interesting perspectives on sports and entertainment with a classy approach.

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