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Rap Artist NonStop


NonStop was featured as Brickhouse Talk October Artist Of The Month.

He’s a determine and driven young man who has overcome life adversities that some teens would have probably used as an excuse to give up. NonStop didn’t have the average teenage life growing up. He had to accept enormous responsibilities growing up with two parents who are deaf. Although this was a challenging experience he learned so much from it and doesn’t regret a day!

As a rapper he has a large fan base in the Bay Area and continues to expand on his career as a rapper who many teens can relate to in regards to living life to the fullest, having fun and staying true to yourself!

I really enjoyed this interview. NonStop is a very humble personal young man. Not only does he rap but he produce music and also he’s an artists and he’s pretty savvy with computers and I cant forget he’s an aspiring actor. All these characteristics and talents will certainly be beneficial to him in life regardless of what avenue he decides to take.

Brickhouse Talk thanks NonStop & his manager Mecca for the interview!!

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Brickhouse Talk Ramonda Cutrer & Rap Artist NonStop

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