Still Standing In North Carolina Rap Artist “KODAC”

Brickhouse Talk features rap artist Kodac of North Carolina. It’s always interesting to hear music from another state especially from the south. Brickhouse Talk prides ourselves on showcasing all variety of music and artists who possess a unique style and sound and Kodac certainly fits this description. He takes his music career seriously and will stop at nothing to see his hard work and efforts pay off, but he isn’t limiting his future to rapping as his natural ability to be creative has open doors for him as a producer and designer. This artist has established a reputation within his community as someone of great potential and respect due to his lyricist skills and military ties along with his dedication and pursuit of a dream that’s inspired by his beloved brother’s memories.




North Caroline’s Very Own Rap Artist “KODAC”


Tony Antwon Shawborn July 23, 1985 in Pinehurst, North Carolina is better known by his stage name “Kodac. This nickname was deserving to him due to his earned respect of playing street ball on the basketball courts of the Clayhole. He was known for  having picture perfect crossovers that could be captured as memorable kodak moments. The name fits perfect in many aspects of Kodac’s life.

Kodac is a rap artist, producer, and clothing designer.  He’s affiliated with the group called the “TEAM” from the west side. The Team consist of long time friends “Quincy “T-Brick and Raymond “YO.” Together these rappers  make up the group West Side Money Gang (W.S.M.G.) from Southern Pines.

Kodac born in Pinehurst, North Carolina where he was raised by his mother Tisher and stepfather Marshall Hollmond. He grew up with his two brothers, David and Marshall, and sister, Katrina. The family moved throughout the town of Southern Pines. Being the rock of the family Kodac always possessed a level head and calm spirit. Unlike some of his peers growing up he stayed out of trouble by indulging in his new found hobby of rapping.

Kodac recalls his first rap when he was in 5th grade. He wrote a poem for a contest through the DARE program and although his poem wasn’t selected, his friends and family enjoyed the poem so much that he decided to add a beat to the words and it became the first song that he produced.  Music was a common bond shared  with his friends, so they decided to formulate a group called “TEAM.” Kodac started off recording on tape players until his friend YO moved to the Westside in 2001. At that time they developed a recording studio called the Dungeon. The TEAM produced their first album The Try Outs which was in response to a diss mixtape that was released by rivals in Jackson Hamlet.  They rapped through headphone mic sets, used Fruitty Loops to produce beats and recorded on Magic Studio.The Westside had a dance called the diddy bop. Kodac produced the first song for the dance and the TEAM later remixed and performed at the Douglas Center.   Never loosing site of understanding education is important Kodac attended Pine Crest High School in Southern Pines, and graduated in 2003.

Kodac joined the military in 2005 and was stationed in Camp Carroll, Korea. Still possessing that undeniable love for music, Kodac began to dabble in producing beats while in Korea. He established a rapport with Jalil Sykes (Young Mac N Ass Sykes), Courty Summers (Courty-Tez), and Rashad Jet (Jetski) from Kansas City who were also music producers. Kodac performed open mic in various clubs  in Korea.  He soon left Korea and was stationed at Fort Riley Kansas. Kodac recognized within himself that his skills were perfecting and he was obtaining profound knowledge within the music industry. He began to further promote his music heavily which resulted to local DJ’s in Junction City to play his music in the night clubs.

 Kodac returned to North Carolina where he reunited with his old crew the TEAM and W.S.M.G. In early February 2008, Kodac released his first mixtape Picture That on the website and throughout his neighborhood. T-Brick introduced Kodac to Jay Shawn founder of North Meets South Empire.  Kodac later signed with Jay Shawn’s label. While fighting to establishing a replicable name within the music industry  Kodac continued to fight for our country and was deployed to Iraq for 12 months. While in Iraq he continued to sell and produce music. After returning home from Iraq, Kodac dropped his second mixtape Scrap Book Vol I  while stationed in Hawaii. January 7, 2012 was the day he was released from the Army. While in Hawaii he continued to market his talent as a rap artist by performing at local clubs after linking up with local club promoter Shango Don Ragga.

TodayKodac resides in Southern Pines taking his music career to new level.  Unfortunately Kodac’s  life was impacted significantly due to the loss of his brother. This traumatic experience became an inspiration for Kodac to pursue his career in his brothers name. Kodac now us music as an outlet for his pain and is working on his new mixtape entitled, Pain of a Leo. Attributing most of his success to his family and friends who have supported him through major ups and downs. Kodac has overcome many struggles and will continue to fight to be apart of the rap industry.





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