T.O. Workging Out With Raider Receivers!

Recently Oakland Raiders Wider Receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey posted an interesting photo to his twitter account. The picture showed Oakland Raiders Quarterback Carson Palmer, DHB, Tight End David Ausberry, along with fellow receiver Eddie McGee. However, what appeared to perculate every one’s interest is that former NFL receiver Terrell Owens was also amongst the crowd of players. Could Mr. Owens possibly be lobbying for a spot on the Oakland Raiders depth chart? I think so. Despite proclaiming that he is fully healed from a severe knee injury, T.O. had practically no suitors attend his private workout that he held last season. He was attempting to comeback into the NFL, but his injury, along with controversial background and age  (37) was enough to keep teams away.

Now in the very twilight of his career, T.O is 38 years old and experiencing some financial hardship. He recently played for the “Allen Wranglers” which is a team he has co-ownership in the Arena Football League. Regardless of his injury history and age T.O. is adamant that he can still play in the NFL.  However, the Raiders have a decent core of receivers.  Mr. DHB had a breakout season last year, plus rookie sensation Denarius Moore showed flashes of being a young star in the making. Not to mention they have Louis Murphy and Jacoby Ford under contract as well. These are all young guys who are consistently developing in their roles.  If I were Raiders GM Reggie Mckenzie I would sign T.O. for the veteran minimum, which is roughly 925,000. However, I would make him play Tight End, which the Raiders have a need at.

At this point in his career T.O. is not a deep threat. However, he can still be a pretty good possession receiver. Instead of playing T.O. at receiver, possibly stunting the growth process of one of their young studs, why not move T.O. to the Tight End position, where he can fill a need and be a mismatch for any linebacker trying to cover him? Imagine the Raiders fielding an offense with DHB and Denarius Moore on the outside with Murphy/Ford as the slot receiver. Darren Mcfadden in the backfield and T.O. at Tight End. That would be a pretty scary offense and a nightmare for defensive coordinators.  Plain and simple you can not use a linebacker to cover T.O. and if you bring in an extra DB (3rd or 4th option), there is a good chance that T.O. would win most of those battles too.  Now, in previous years I’m sure T.O would have balked at the idea of switching positions. However, considering the climate of his financial status, injury history, age and controversial background, I think he would be much more receptive to the idea at this stage in the game.

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