The Definition Of “AMBITION” Bay Area Rap Artist IVORY JAMES

While  “Waiting On His Moment” rap artist Ivory James continues to work hard at  perfecting his lyrical skillz. His impeccable determination is earning him major credibility amongst his peers and fans of rap music today. Ivory James was quoted stating “I don’t have swag…I have ambition” and although I beg to differ I understand the meaning behind his thought. SWAG is merely a representation of ones appearance and sometimes attitude….AMBITION is a desire for success: a strong feeling of wanting to be successful in life and achieve great things…..that in itself equals IVORY JAMES.

Brickhouse Talk platform is to showcase positive individuals who are destined for success and will stop at nothing to obtain it and this artist certainly is deserving of the recognition. The message in Ivory James music is not to embellish the truth about his lifestyle or material possessions. He shares his life experience through his music hoping that he can encourage others to follow their dreams by staying on the straight and narrow path. With his religious background he always give credit to God for where he’s been and where he’s going. He’s not limited to the microphone as this young man posses many talents….and its his AMBITION that will ultimately produce Ivory James “MOMENT”.



Camerin Bennettbetter known as ”Ivory James”is an up and coming Rap Artist. Not only does his talent shine brighter than the stars in the sky, but he is also a young man of great character.  He embodies the heart and soul of those who have poured into him.  He is a man of integrity, loyalty, honesty, and trustworthiness.

Camerin attended San Leandro High School where he participated in the San Leandro Multimedia Academy (SLAM) Program for three years.  During that time, he gained a myriad of skills and became proficient at various multimedia software programs.  As a result, Camerin has learned how to produce, film, and edit videos. He is hard working and dedicated to his craft.
While at San Leandro High School, Camerin rapped, produced, filmed and edited a music video entitled, “Pain.”  This work of art was viewed by the entire school at an assembly during a week long campaign promoting Non-Violence.  In addition, a few months ago, Tyler Perry presented a talent contest hoping to discover new talent.  Camerin was encouraged to submit his video,”Pain.” Unfortunately, he was not chosen.  Nonetheless, he was grateful for the experience and exposure.   Camerin has performed for local talent shows and family birthday parties. He was also recognized with a Certificate of Achievement from The Southern Alameda County Alliance for African American Educators for his skill and talent in Fine Arts.  Camerin loves being on stage and sharing his gift and message of hope with others.

Currently, Camerin is attending Ohlone College where he is pursuing a career in photography, video and music.  Though the journey of achieving higher education is not an easy task, he continues to make great effort and progress in striving for greatness.   Achieving Greatness is a choice and it’s a way that he has chosen to live.  Camerin’s faith and trust in God will sustain him and he believes that God will be right by his side every step of the way.   Camerin is a young man with great promise and potential.  With the help and support from those who love him, he is creating endless possibilities for his life.








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