The Man Behind The Music “BIG VON” Of 106 KMEL

Ramonda Cutrer & BIG VON

I had the pleasure meeting BIG VON numerous years ago when my daughter Erika Palega, who’s currently BRICKHOUSE TALK STYLIST was a part of a dance group that dominated the stage performing with several well-known artists during concerts sponsored by KMEL.

BIG VON has remained the same from day one of our introduction. With his big personality and charming demeanor in which he tries to keep discrete he has definitely earned my vote and many others as one of the BADDEST DJ’s in the Bay Area.

Some people are just born to do certain things naturally and BIG VON has special gift of music and knowing what the people want, when they want it and how they want it. Having the opportunity to sit and watch him work only re-confirmed to me that absolutely love what he does. He doesn’t have a plan B…its music or NOTHING AT ALL. With his large fan base in the BAY AREA and I’m sure it extends outside of the BAY, along with artists flying him from coast to coast to come out and DJ their events he’s going to be around for a long while and believe me NO ONE’S COMPLAINING!!

If you have yet to be entertained by this musical phenom please don’t cheat yourself. BIG VON can be heard on the radio 106 KMEL FM from 6-12am. Make sure you check out Hate At 8…..HILARIOUS!!!

In the interim..check out the interview with my friend, the man behind the mixes that make you move….BIG VON!!!!

Thanks VON for the interview and the support that you show Brickhouse Talk.

Peace & Love






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