What a woman to admire! Robin Roberts


Robin Roberts

You may be familiar with her from watching ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA).  Many know her as a star basketball player and a highly respectable sportscaster.  My admiration goes deep on a personal health level. Although different forms, we both courageously battled the dreaded C word CANCER.  And just imagine… she did so publicly. Other than my faith in God, support from family and true friends, Robin was one of the few “TV Personalities” I drew strength from during my fight and health challenges.  There is so much to know and appreciate about Ms. Robin Roberts. Here is a brief summary of her story:

Robin Roberts grew up in Pass Christian, Mississippi, where she played basketball and tennis, among other sports. Robin attended Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana graduating cum laude in 1983 with a degree in communication. She is the youngest of four.  Her father was a pilot with the Tuskegee Airmen. 

In 1983 she began her exciting career as a sports anchor. She joined ESPN as a sportscaster in February 1990 and became well known as a host on Sports Center for her catchphrase, “Go on with your bad self!”  Robin became a feature reporter on Good Morning America then later a news anchor and in 2005 she was promoted to co-anchor of GMA. Under her leadership, the broadcast has won three consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Morning Program.

In 2007 Robin told the world she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She did what most of us women survivors have had to do… shave your head, put on a wig and a brave face and get back to work, life and FIGHT ON. We have to create a new self-portrait of ourselves mentally. When I see this picture of Robin, I can hear her sing “I Am Not My Hair”.

 Five years later after fighting her way back, and as she reported, “feeling better ever before”, unfortunately on June 11th  2012, she announced on GMA that she has MDS or myelodysplastic syndrome. She says that with the help of her faith, her family and her GMA family she knows that she will beat this too.

Robin published a book, From the Heart: Seven Rules to Live By, of which she said, “I’m a big believer that you have to put yourself in position for good things to happen to you.”

Finally Brickhouse Talk Production would like to congratulate Robin Roberts who has been inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame class of 2012 for her contributions and impact on the game of women’s basketball through her broadcasting work. My friend and CEO of BTP is following in her foot steps using her talents, skills and expertise to bring you (our readers) sports and entertainment (and other) news from news makers where ever they may be.



Brickhouse Talk would like to say: ”Go on with your bad self” Robin.

The team at Brickhouse Talk Production wish you well Ms. Robin Roberts. Please keep hanging tough. God’s love and blessings will always be there for you.

Kind regards,

LaTanya Smith

BTP Executive Assistant

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