“What Millionaires Spend Thier Money On” Magazine Celebration

Darnel Thomas (CEO) Of "What Millionaires Spend Their Money Own" Magazine


It was standing room only downtown Oakland Ca at Liege Spirits Lounge for the much anticipated release of “What Millionaires Spend Their Money On” magazine produced by Mr. Darnell Thomas.

Brickhouse Talk Executive Writer Brian Mims had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Darnell Thomas in the early stages of his project. (please search for the interview on the site). Darnell elaborated on many dimensions of the magazine but kept one major focus in mind….for his magazine to be enjoyed by all ages and ethnicity. The magazine pays tribute to hometown athletes, artists, entrepreneurs and authors to name a few who have worked hard in life to establish themselves and are now reaping the benefits of a life of luxury. Some may feel its a form of gloating, but I beg to differ! Its called INSPIRATION!!

The world is your oyster and if you want it, only you can be your hindrance so DON’T CHEAT YOURSELF!!!

As I watched Darnell humbly autographed copies of the magazine when asked to by friends he was very flattered by the request and said to me that he wasn’t expecting this response. He’s a very professional guy who had a vision and pursued it. With his lovely wife by his side the sky is the limit for Darnell and WMSTMO. I encourage you to support Darnell by going to the website to order or subscribe to the magazine it’s a great read and it will only get better.

Brickhouse Talk sincerely thank Darnell for our feature in the magazine. Unfortunately we’re not millionaires, but he knows we’re a replicable company who’s making major moves in the Bay Area and beyond. We are honored for the  business relationship and we look forward to continuance and growth of it! Jack Ray did a magnificent job with promoting the release. Jack Ray is a man who knows EVERYONE!! He’s highly respected in the community and he introduced Darnell to Brickhouse. Thanks Jack Ray. Ray Khan of Exotic Custom Jewelery was present to show love and support to Darnell as well. Please check out his feature in the magazine, but most importantly visit his store at Hill Top Mall in Richmond CA. It was also great to see Author Charles E. Brown (Ulterior Motives) present at the event. Check out his interview with Brickhouse and his book is certainly a MUST read!! Cant forget my favorite duo Rap Artist ITC and R&B Singer Envyy there to support Darnell as well. They can also be found on the website and I will say if you have yet to hear their music you’re missing out!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….Brickhouse Talk platform is to showcase positive people doing great things and Darnell Thomas you are a prime example. Congratulations to you on the launching of your new endeavor. We wish you nothing but success and prosperity in everything you do.


Ramonda Cutrer


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas "Congratulations"

Brian Mims, Jack Ray, Ray Khan & Darnell Thomas





Darnell & Jack Ray




Ramonda & Darnell



R&B Singer Envyy & Ramonda Cutrer



LaTanya & Brian


Jack Ray & Brian Mims


Rap Artist ITC & Ramonda

LaTanya Smith, Stacy Hogg & Ramonda Cutrer

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  1. You guys are the BEST!!! I’m still in awe from last night. My wife & I thank you guys for coming through showing major love!!! The best is yet to come. Let’s keep it pushing & I’ll see you guys next week!!!

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