Where Are They Now? 6 x’s Ms Olympia Cory Everson

Back in the day, in the 80′s I used to get up and work out with a woman named Cory Everson, who had a exercise show called Body Shaping. She was a bodybuilding champion and I ”thought” I wanted to be the same. Anyway, if you like muscle fitness then you would’ve enjoyed her and seeing her workout/train.
She dominated the female bodybuilding competitions. She was named Ms. Olympia 6 straight times from 1984 - 89. Cory was only super ripped when preparing for a competition.  Off time, her body would soften up and she’d look very fit but a little more sexy. She was also an actress with her  first major movie appearance in Double Impact (1991) alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme.  She had several TV roles and also hosted her own exercise show on ESPN, Cory Everson’s Gotta Sweat, for seven years.
In January 1999, Everson was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame, as part of the inaugural group. She was inducted into the Muscle Beach Venice (CA) Body Building Hall of Fame in 2005. At the 2007 Arnold Classic she became the first woman to be presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2008, Everson was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame.
She was born Corrina Kneuer but she kept Everson (her married name at the time) as her stage name.  She married Dr. Steve Donia, a cosmetic dentist, in 1998; they have two children that they adopted from Russia.
Cory is now retired but she still takes great care of her body.  
Here is what she used to look like when I first found out about her:

Cory Everson

Cory Everson Fitness Guru


January 2012 – Cory is………….. wait for it, wait for it……………54 years young! And yes this is what she looks like today – receiving the Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award from Arnold the ex gov of CA.

(photos by female muscles.com)











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